Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

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Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro – , Yogyakarta – Malioboro is a destination for tourists to Yogyakarta, including those looking for souvenirs. Now Malioboro has Tugu Jogja steamed bakpea, which can be a typical souvenir of Yogyakarta.

“The best sellers are the original chocolates,” says Nurul Akbar, senior branch manager of Bakpia Cooks Tugu Jogja.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

Akbar said the new Bakpea Cooks Tugu Jogja store aims to bring shoppers, especially tourists, together to Malioboro. Because tourists are the target market for Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja.

Ini Kisah Di Balik Munculnya Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Halaman All

Strategic because our target market is tourists. It (the store) is 65 different from other stores because it has a small cafe inside where you can buy it.

Dozens of Tugu Jogja Bakpia shops spread across Yogyakarta and Solo are steamed. 65 stores, of which 7 are official stores owned by Bakpiya Kukus Tugu Jogja. In addition, the party works with dozens of other partners.

“There are 19 partners in total now, so we are still looking for other opportunities,” he said. We want to cooperate with everyone in the concept of Bakpiya Kukus Tugu Jogja.

They do not distinguish between partners and stores. Because people help each other to sell Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja at competitive souvenir prices.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Resmikan Outlet Baru Di Jalan Solo Yogya

Fitri Diya Vahuni, Head of Tourism Department of the DIY Tourism Office, said the new Bakpea Kukus Tugu Jogja store could add color to Malioboro. This can especially contribute to the DIY tourism sector.

Fitri believes that tourism has three main factors that drive visitor numbers. First things to see or things to see and second things to do or things tourists can do.

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Or something that can be bought. Here, creative economic agents play an important role by providing food as a fun meal. This tugu jogja umi bakpia. “We hope that Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja can add food system to increase the number of tourists coming here,” he said.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

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Ada Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

Experience the warmth of Jogja’s village culture that reflects real life, rich traditions and unforgettable friendliness towards the locals in every corner of the village.

Race Jogja’s amazing concept of unlimited adventure, racing excitement, incredible challenges and surprises every step of the way.

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Build team spirit and adrenaline with this fun outdoor concept in Jogja, where every activity is designed to enhance collaboration and create an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Bakpia Kukus Jogja

Enhance your knowledge by experiencing the cultural attractions of the Jogja Educational Tourism concept, each destination becomes an open book for deep learning and unforgettable experiences.

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Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

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Bakpia Trending Di Twitter, Ini Resep Sederhana Bakpia Cokelat

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Most of our customers are companies based in/outbound/MICE in Jogja City. As one of the best tour operators and travel sellers in Jogja city, we present the best and complete travel ideas at affordable prices. Malioboro area, Saturday (April 2, 2023). To revive the event, Bakpia Cooks Tugu Jogja came up with a discount promotion and launched a new product called ‘Bolu Chiffon Pandan’.

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Cicipi 3 Kuliner Yogyakarta Yang Tak Boleh Dilewatkan

PT Agrinitsia Raya General Manager, Istiana Yudha Pratama, Sr. marked the ceremony by cutting the rope at the entrance gate. Nurul Akbar, Brand Manager of Bakpia Tugu Jogja and Ruli Irvansya, owner of Bakpia Tugu Jogja Malioboro store.

The opening of the store is a step to support the Yogyakarta City Government to increase the number of tourists visiting by 2023, said PT Agrinicea Raya General Manager Istiana Yuddha Pratama.

“Bakpiya Tugu Jogja is aimed at tourists visiting Jogja, currently thousands of people visit Jogja city,” Yudha said. The address of the store is Jl. Malioboro No. 91 Sosromenduran, Gedong Tengen, Yogyakarta”.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

This memory is still fresh, but it achieved success because the innovation it represented became memorable in Yogyakarta and received high enthusiasm from the people of Yogyakarta. For this reason, Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja reintroduces another unique and excellent product in Malioboro, a typical culinary tourist area of ​​Yogyakarta.

Slumuth Family: April 2018

On the other hand, Malioboro Ruli Irwansya, the owner of Bakpia Cooks Tugu Jogja store, explained that the Malioboro area was chosen because it has a special attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. From the perspective of ancient buildings, various culinary tours are organized there.

“We are grateful to open this store in a strategic location, in the heart of Yogyakarta. We hope this store will help tourists to access Bakpia products more easily and restore tourism and creativity,” said Ruli. The economy in the region to its pre-disaster state.

On the other hand, Nurul Akbar, CEO of Bakpia Kukas Tugu Jogja, said that in this opening, he will not only introduce Si Blancon, but more importantly, a promotional discount of only Rp. 30,000 latest product introductions. , especially Bolu Chiffon Pandan.

Nurul Akbar said: “We will continue to provide innovation and better service to all our customers, especially Yogyakarta residents, with many promotions and exciting things. (yyyy).

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja, Oleh Oleh Baru Di Jalan Kaliurang Yogya

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Civilian Salary Increases This is the amount of every news station viewed 3098 times on the Japan Earthquake. 64 News Center citizens watched. Debate 2024 Election News Center 3901 views Rizal Ramli dies of pancreatic cancer Find out why News Center 13253 views Bakpia is a popular dish found in Yogyakarta and is a very interesting memory option. It can be said that a visit to Yogyakarta is not complete without buying bakpia as a souvenir. Well, now, there is an innovation in steamed bakpia that gives a mild and definitely sweet bakpia taste.

The presence of abundant bakpea will certainly add to the culinary wealth of the Yogyakarta archipelago. Visitors can buy it as a new specialty dish for your family at home. Bakpiya is not only fresh and tasty but also has different flavors.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

So what’s the difference in taste and where can you buy this steamed Bakpiya product? Check out some of the comments below

Spot Belanja Oleh Oleh Khas Jogja Anti Mainstream Yang Unik Dan Murah

There are different types of bakpiya flavors and of course they give unique taste sensations when consumed. Many types of bakpea appear in the market and you can choose from the following:

A very popular variation is steamed bakpea products. The combination of super soft baked crust and melted chocolate makes the dish so delicious.

For cheese lovers, the steamed Bakpiya flavor variant is perfect for you. Yes, inside the soft shell of the bakpea is a very thick melted cheese.

This variation of flaky bakpea showcases a rich combination of brownie and chocolate flavors. Moreover, the texture of this simple Bakpiya cake has more flavor, perfect for brownies lovers and served with hot tea.

Bakpia Kukus Jogja Or Bakpia Tugu, Steamed Mini Round Cake With Mung Bean Paste Inside. 8090581 Stock Photo At Vecteezy

If you buy steamed bakpiya without adding it, it will not be complete. Bakpiya with steamed green lentils is a unique dish that you must try. Green beans are soft and sweet and delicious.

There are many places where you can choose to buy steamed bakpea as a gift for your family at home. Some of these areas include:

So, if you want to buy Bakpia, you can only go to some available centers. Also, you can buy it in the market for easy shopping.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Di Malioboro

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