Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

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Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus – The restaurant in Batu Malang is famous for its amazing natural scenery because the city is famous for its beauty and natural beauty. When you visit Batu Malaang and you are confused to visit the tourist spots, you can visit the cafe with a view of shame and miss it.

Many restaurants in Batu Malaang offer beautiful and relaxing views of nature. Batu Malaang is famous as a city with cool air. This is an important tourist destination for some people.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

Here are some of Batu’s charming cafes that offer views of the mountains and sprawling trees. This place is perfect for day and evening trips with friends or family.

Rockhills Bistro & Cafe Batu Harga Menu, Daya Tarik Dan Lokasi

The place offers a cafe with a view of the surrounding nature, you can see the beauty of the green trees and the new shade. Unexpectedly, this place is visited by many foreign and domestic tourists.

A beautiful and unique design, there are many chairs in the shape of anti-pyramid glass.

Beautiful Instagram photos in Batu Malang. In addition, you will see decorative plants around the pyramid.

The beautiful natural scenery will be evident in this cafe. You can also order a variety of delicious Indonesian food and drinks. There is also a collection of cute rabbits.

Ngopi Santai Di Jalan Kembar Batu

Hotel directly opposite the mountain and the city of Batu. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Batu from above, you can go to Holland Resort Batu. With the glass wall design, you can actually feel the effect of the sky when you are inside. In this place.

You will see many beautiful instagramm places and when the weather is clear you can take pictures from the top and directly look at the view of the mountains. There are two places you can use it.

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It becomes the busiest place when the weather is sunny. It offers a variety of cuisines from Western, Korean, Japanese, Chinese to Indonesian cuisine prepared by expert chefs.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

This restaurant and cafe is located on the 8th Floor of Hotel Aston Batu, so you don’t have to ask how the food tastes. This website also offers a clean and beautiful web design.

Cafe Hits Di Malang Yang Punya View Bagus Dan Asik Buat Nongkrong Favorit

You will immediately see a beautiful view of Batu day and night. This place is also worth it.

Belis Kitchen and Bar also offers a variety of food and drinks that you can order while you spend your time here. There are many types of alcoholic beverages that adults and seniors can order.

For those who want a place to hang out and experience beautiful natural scenery, this place may be a good suggestion. Omah Akar Café Pakan cafe is located in the middle of the forest in Ledok Ombo camp.

This place provides an environment of shady trees and cool air to reduce stress and fatigue. At night you will find a calm atmosphere thanks to the beautiful decorative lights.

Cafe Batu View Terbagus!!!

The best time to visit this place is at night, when the night Omah Akar Café will be full. There are many Instagrammable places because it is in the middle of a beautiful forest of trees where you can take pictures with the trees.

In addition, you can also order snacks and drinks to accompany you when you spend time with family or friends.

Indigo Cafe and Bistro offers you to enjoy the green and fresh atmosphere of the rice fields. This place is located around rice fields and view of Mount Arjuno Welirang.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

When you enter this place you will get a breath of fresh air. This place is an ideal place to visit to relieve stress and fatigue from busy work.

Kekinian! 10 Rekomendasi Cafe Instagramable Di Malang

The background is beautiful and the view is beautiful, you can take pictures here because there are many beautiful places to take pictures.

Food and drinks are also varied, ranging from rice, grapes, chicken, teriyaki, macaroni and other processed Indonesian foods.

This place is popular with tourists from outside Batu who want to see the beautiful scenery and beautiful mountains. Judging by the Instagram and modern look, it’s no surprise that this place is very popular among young people.

At a height of 800 to 1000 meters above sea level, it offers a panoramic view of Batu. When you first step into this place, you will be greeted with a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Deretan Cafe Di Jawa Timur Dengan View Pegunungan

It also offers many western Asian food and drinks such as pizza, beef, pasta and noodles. A variety of drinks are also great, from coffee lattes to juices.

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One of the restaurants that offer a romantic view at night is Cafe Bukit Delight. In the midst of the dense population of Batu Malang, it turns out that there are places that you can use to enjoy the scenery of natural beauty.

It is open in the afternoon, so the best time to visit this cafe is at night. At night you will see the decoration in the form of beautiful lights giving a more romantic look to this place.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

In the afternoon, when the weather is clear, you will also see the view of Mount Arjuno, originally from this place. Friendly service, not surprising, this place is one of the most natural and attractive cafes.

Daftar Harga Menu Cafe Monstera Batu Malang

This place has a variety of food and drinks, not only that, you can order snacks like hot dogs, burgers, etc. in your pocket.

For those who like to enjoy the natural view of the mountain, go to the 11th place is Pupuk Bawang Cafe & Dining. The lower part of the mountain allows you to see the beautiful view of the mountain, you can see the beautiful view of the fields that are popular with many people.

This restaurant is far from the center of Batu Malang because of its remote location, which means it is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle. This site can be another way to confuse people to visit tourist sites in Batu, Malang.

There are many instagram sites that you can use this site as it has a modern design. At night, the place will be decorated with beautiful lights.

Villa Batu Kolam Renang Modern View Bagus Terbaru 2021

You can also order a variety of food and drinks as well as snacks like onion rings. You can order coffee cocktails and non-coffee drinks at low prices.

For coffee with amazing views of nature, you can visit the Sky Room at Hotel 101 Malaang OJ. This place is often used as a priority for those who want to reduce stress and fatigue.

In the background is a beautiful view of Malang and the mountains above the hotel. Skyroom at 101 Malang OJ Hotel is located on the 12th floor of 101 Malang OJ Hotel.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

This place is also an important place to see the city and the mountains day and night, during the day you will see the stars and the light of Malang.

Tempat Nongkrong Di Malang Dengan View Bagus

Not only that, you can order 5 different dishes and drinks with an unforgettable taste. Menus range from Indonesian, European to Asian style dishes.

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One of the restaurants that offers a beautiful and beautiful view of nature is BataPuti Coffeehouse, this place offers beautiful views of nature and trees.

The large area is decorated with green trees. You can see the hanging bridge icon which is always a popular photo spot for tourists.

In terms of service, this place is very good. When you first come here, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will guide you to your seat, and there are many types of food and drinks.

Cafe Di Batu Terbaru Yang Hits & Instagramable 2024

One of the main dishes offered by this place is coffee, and the coffee products of this place are known to be delicious and fresh. The price of each dish and drink starts from 25,000 IDR only.

This place is perfect for you to bring your family or friends or partner. D’Fresh SkyGarden Resto can be a lively place for fun and relaxation with your loved ones.

What makes this place even more special is the design combining wood elements and natural greenery. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and view of Batu Malang.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

Featuring local musicians who will add warmth to the venue by offering a variety of food and drinks from a European to Asian menu.

Tempat Makan Di Sentul Dengan View Bagus

Sawah Pujon Kidul Café is an unforgettable tourist destination where you can experience the atmosphere of nature and enjoy delicious food at this place. It offers views of vast gardens and greenery.

It was originally opened in 2016 with the concept of a unique wooden house as a restaurant. Because it is located at the edge of the park, you will also see the activities of the farmers.

This place has Instagram-worthy furniture to be the backdrop for your beautiful photos. In a cool and beautiful environment, you can reduce your stress.

It offers a variety of food and drinks to accompany you while you spend time in this place. This place’s menu is dominated by Indonesian food.

Cafe Trawas Terbaik: Tempat Nongkrong Hits Untuk Para Pencinta Kopi

It seems that this place has become popular in the Batu Malang area as a place to enjoy while enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature. The resort faces a beautiful view of the Panderman slope, making the atmosphere cool and calm.

At night, this place will give you a more romantic atmosphere with the bright city lights above. It is often used as a family gathering place during family time.

The venue also offers gourmet food and drinks with interesting dishes from Western to Asian menus.

Cafe Di Batu Dengan View Bagus

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