Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

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Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik – Want to spice up your PowerPoint presentation? Adding a quick animation can quickly enhance your presentation and grab your audience’s attention. PowerPoint animations can also highlight key points and help students visualize different parts of a lesson when used correctly and creatively.

There are many types of PowerPoint animations you can use, and you can animate text, shapes, images, and even tables! But some are more useful than others, and it’s important not to go crazy with animations and choose the one that best suits the context of your content. These animations are intended to enhance the presentation, not distract it.

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

If you’re looking to improve your PowerPoint, here are eight simple yet eye-catching animations in a variety of situations that can make your presentation more memorable. Watch the video for more information about each animation and the process of creating it, or read on. Let’s go!

Jasa Desain Presentasi Powerpoint Animasi & Infografis Profesional

If you haven’t heard, check out these audience engagement tools included for free in PowerPoint! Ask your audience interactive questions, add advanced annotations and whiteboard tools to your slides, and more!

Let’s start with a basic login animation. These are animations of text, images or shapes that will be placed on your slides. A simple animation to insert the “Appearance” effect. This will only prevent the selected section from appearing on the slide.

This simple transition works well if there is a lot of information on your slides. You can divide the information into smaller sections so that students can focus on one section before moving on.

In the above example, I want the appropriate form text to appear together on the screen. For this to happen, they need to be “collected”. To collect items, hold down the Shift key and click on all the items you want to collect. Once everything is selected, press Control + G to group them automatically.

Buat Presentasi Interaktif

Click the item you want to add animations to. Then click the Pictures tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. We used the first login animation, Appearance, which you can see in the frame.

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If you select an animation, you will see a short preview. With popup animation it’s hard to see the preview, so I recommend switching to presentation mode to check it out!

Repeat this process for each element you want to animate. It’s useful to set the animation the way you want it, but if you make a mistake or need to change something, open the Animation panel. Click and drag to change the order of the animations.

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

The speed and duration of the animation may change if the default settings are not the same. Right-click the animation in the Animations panel and click Time. Here you can change the length of the animation and add repetitions if necessary.

Rekomendasi Ai Untuk Membuat Ppt Biar Presentasi Makin Lancar

Pro tip: Animation length has a huge impact on your animation experience! In general, animations should be fast; I recommend 0.5 seconds unless there is a reason to slow down the animation – like in the example below!

Drag objects onto slides and, depending on the context, help convey and describe your objects. The example we saw above uses a Spin animation to show that atoms are not static objects.

Once you have created the image or shape you want to rotate, you should start collecting it. Use the CTRL + G shortcut or right-click and select “Group”.

Above, I created an atom diagram using PowerPoint shapes. I like to think a bit here, and I actually wanted to add two spin animations to show that the outer electrons move in one direction and the inner electrons move in the other, so I connected them separately.

Cara Membuat Power Point Menarik, Dijamin Presentasi Semakin Maksimal

The next step is to add Rotate Images to the two object groups. First, click on the outer electron, then on the Images tab, select the down arrow in the Images box to view more animations. Under Highlight, select Rotate.

Once you’ve added the animation, you can run it and make any edits you want. Here the animations are automatically set to appear sequentially and this is what I want to change.

You can change the atom animation start time in the animation panel on the right by right-clicking on the animation group. To make the animation appear all at once, click the second animation, the inner electron, and select Start Previous. Here you can also change the click animation that starts if you want to wait for the object to rotate.

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

To make my chart more representative of history, I also want to change the time. Since these protons, neutrons, and electrons don’t all move at the same speed, I can change the students’ duration!

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How To Create Animations In Microsoft Powerpoint (windows & Mac)

To do this, right-click on the collected item and select Time. To increase the rotation speed, change the duration to 1 second (fast!).

Then, to change the entire duration of the effect, you can edit Repeat! I selected Repeat 3 times to make the entire effect last 3 seconds.

For the inner circle I want to slow down the speed but still fit in the entire animation time. To do this, click on the animation inside the circle, and in the time section, change the duration to 3 seconds (slightly) and do not repeat.

Finally, you can change the animation effect, which in Spin animation means the direction and number of spins. On the Images tab, click Effect Options.

Tips Agar Tampilan Power Point Menjadi Lebih Menarik

Exit animations are a great way to add more information to your slides without taking up space. For example, on the slide above I show a conversation between friends – perfect for a foreign language lesson! Instead of creating a new slide for each text or creating multiple speech bubbles, I use a combination of animations!

Which text will appear first? Has it disappeared? In the example above, I have 4 text boxes that move back and forth from the speech bubbles. (According to

For me, the easiest way is to add new dialogue text under the bubble, add animations and place them in the appropriate places!)

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

Once configured, click on the first text box and add your login result. I recommend fades or highlights as they are less distracting.

Panduan Lengkap Cara Membuat Power Point Di Hp

Before the third text appears, the first text must disappear. Click the first animated text box. Then click the Add Animation button on the top ribbon. From there, add a fade animation effect. You will now see the numbers 1 and 3 next to the text box, indicating where this animation is located.

In the dialog box example, I want the text to disappear and the placeholder text to appear and disappear at the same time. For example, animations 3 and 4 above. Right-click on the fourth animation in the animation panel and select “Start from Previous.” “Hola” will now disappear along with “Que Pasa?” it will appear.

Once all the animations are completed and in the right order, we can move the text anywhere. We moved our texts on top of each other so that they appeared in the same place in the bubble.

Now you can go into presentation mode and click to see if the conversation is going the way you want it to!

Template Power Point Menarik Dengan Animasi

In addition to entering, highlighting, and closing animations, PowerPoint also has an animation section called Motion Path Animations. This animation allows an element to start at one point on the slide and end at a different point.

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This is a very useful tool that eliminates the need for students to mentally digest information. Now they can fully understand the movements and focus more on teaching activities. It can be used for a variety of topics and just for fun, but I used it above to illustrate a physics problem. In this case, students must determine the initial velocity required for the ball to reach the ceiling.

To show the movement of this ball, we will use two different animations. Click on the ball and open the photos. Scroll down until you see the Traffic Path section. Select a line option.

Cara Membuat Animasi Power Point Yang Menarik

The default line movement path is off, but since I wanted to animate the ball hitting high, I changed the movement path. To do this, click the Effect Options button and select Top. Now the ball is flying up, but still not as high as I would like. To adjust the desired length or position, click the red arrow and drag to the desired position.

Cara Mudah Membuat Media Video Pembelajaran Dengan Power Point Hindun, M.pd, Guru Ips Smpn 179 Jakarta

To preview an animation as you create it, click the animation star next to the current slide in the slide preview pane on the left. At this point you will see that the ball reaches the ceiling.

Now, when the ball reaches the ceiling, I want gravity to pull it back down. To do this, click on the ball and add an animation. Scroll down to Motion Path Animation and this time click Custom Path. This option allows you to draw a motion path anywhere on the slide.

To start, click where the ball stops at the top of the slide, draw a line down and click to add a stop. I added “stop” to make it more realistic, hitting the ball into the side of the slide (or into the wall!), to do this, draw lines on the edge of the slide and click the last one to stop. To finish, click the ESC key to stop creating the path.

After these changes, you can go back to the animation and change the timings as we did in Animation 2.

Membuat Slide Presentasi Power Point Yang Baik Dan Menarik

It’s not a PowerPoint animation – it’s a change! However, Morph Transition works the same way. These transitions are a great way to add a little animation to an object as you move between slides. By changing the morphology and slightly changing the name, different images or text can be transformed into one. Work

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