Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

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Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan – Pekanbaru, – In order to optimize the distribution of development news to the entire community and 2022. to start media cooperation activities, Pekanbaru City Government (Pemko) opens opportunities for media to become Pekanbaru broadcast partners. Municipal administration in its media. Applications for cooperation can be uploaded to the website from 2022. February 24 until March 11

If the media partners do not register through the above website, they will not be eligible as media cooperation partners of the Communication, Information, Statistics and Encryption Office of the City of Pekanbaru for the fiscal year 2022.

Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

Requests for media cooperation are made to the Mayor of Pekanbaru. For the Department of Communications, Informatics, Statistics and Coding of the City of Pekanbaru. For more information contact Adil Trisema (0877 3274 3345) or Indra Hadi Utomo (0852 7159 6594).

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3. Have a legal entity as a company Do not mix media business activities with other businesses (according to Press Law No. 1999 and Council Circular No. 1/SE-DP/1/2014 on the implementation of the Press Law) Press Companies can be limited liability companies (PT) , foundation or cooperative forms.

K. Verified by the Press Council, proven by valid evidence. Photocopies of KTP of company managers and journalists/journalists assigned to initial registration;

Photocopy of the Journalist Qualification Test Card (UKW) of the editor-in-chief and journalists working in the Pekanbaru City Council.

1. A letter with a request or offer to cooperate in the media, addressed to the Mayor of Pekanbaru through the Pekanbaru City Information, Statistics and Coding Communication Service.

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2 Letters of Appointment of Journalists granted to Pekanbaru Municipal Councils after summarizing the entries of Journalists in 2020. December 10-1, copies.

3. Possession of a legal entity as a private company. It operates in the print media sector and is not mixed with other businesses (according to Press and Press Council Circular No. 1/SE-DP/1/2014 Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Implementation of the Press Law) and Standards Press Enterprises Limited Liability Company (PT), foundation or It must be in the form of a cooperative.

N. Photocopy of the qualification verification card (UKW) of the chief editors and journalists working in the city council of Pekanbaru;

Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

5. Proof of location, name of the responsible person and data of the cyber media company in accordance with Press Council Regulation No. 2664.

Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama

2. Copy of Journalist Appointment Letter issued by Pekanbaru City Government based on Journalist Registration 2020. December 1-10 summary.

K. Copy of KTP Media Leaders and Reporters/Reporters assigned to Pekanbaru City Government as per original entry

L. Copy of Journalist Qualification Test Card (UKW) of Editors-in-Chief and Journalists working in Pekanbaru City Council.

Mawardi, head of the IKP Diskominfo unit, said you can refer to the manual provided by the agency to facilitate filling. “To make it easier to fill in the registration details, journalists or media players can refer to the instructions provided. We are making everything simpler, more economical, more efficient, more accurate and more accurate,” said Ms. Mawardi. (“Kominfo10Pku” / RD5)

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Governor Khofifah’s leadership is considered successful in improving East Java’s economy in 2023. In fact, it is expected that in 2024 economic growth will be more inclusive and have a real impact on society. So it can affect different sectors, letters offering cooperation in the field of goods and services are very important in the business world. Friends who are currently in the business world have really realized that running a business is not something that can be done alone.

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Friends should work together to make their business stronger and more profitable.

But the question is: how will this cooperation be established? Friends who are new to the business world will definitely be confused when it comes to looking for partners to collaborate with, including how to apply for this collaboration.

Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

One way to do this is to send a letter of offer of cooperation. A letter of offer for cooperation is the first step in communication before the parties start cooperation. Friends who are interested in writing this cooperation proposal letter, please read this article to the end. Enjoy reading!

Surat Permohonan Kerjasama

As explained above, an offer of cooperation letter is an offer to cooperate with a country. This letter is the first communication before the parties start working together.

Not only that, this cooperation proposal letter also acts as a form of proposal that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Judging by the definition of a letter containing an offer of cooperation, this type of letter undoubtedly has as its main function an offer of cooperation to a party. So, apart from that, what are the other features of this cooperation offer letter?

It is easy to recognize a letter with an offer to cooperate. Friends, you know this letter by its characteristics. What are these characteristics?

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Writing a letter of offer of cooperation is generally the same as a formal letter, including the letterhead, opening, body, closing, and adding a signature and stamp as proof of legitimacy. For more information on how to write this letter of offer of cooperation, see the description:

Letterhead is the part that contains information about the company sending the cooperation offer letter. The information contained in this letter of offer of cooperation includes:

In the introductory part of the letter, you can write the phrase “best wishes” and briefly explain the reason for sending the letter and send it together with the offer of cooperation.

Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

In the body of the letter, explain what kind of cooperation you offer and what are the technical aspects of this cooperation. Also, provide information about the benefits of your current job so that the country you are inviting to work with will feel confident working with you.

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The last part of the letter can be filled with the hope that you can cooperate with the person who received the letter. Don’t forget to complete the offer letter with your name, signature and stamp as proof of the letter’s legitimacy.

Here are some examples of collaboration offer letters that you can use as a reference to help you write your collaboration offer letter:

In addition to the cooperation proposal letter, a cooperation proposal is usually requested by the customer or the party interested in cooperation. This offer of cooperation will be attached below the letter with the offer of cooperation.

A collaboration proposal is used as a written description of the proposed collaboration and is often presented together with the job profile information. You need to make your offer of cooperation as attractive as possible so that the client you are cooperating with is interested in your offer.

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To make it easier for you to create a cooperation proposal, you can download a sample cooperation proposal below.

An offer of cooperation letter is a type of formal letter used to present an offer of cooperation to a party. Friends must comply with the current rules in writing. To make your job easier, make sure you understand the above explanation and don’t forget to use the sample offer letter above as a reference.

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Contoh Surat Pengajuan Kerjasama Ke Perusahaan

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