Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

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Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu – Bakpiya is a specialty food of Yogyakarta that is a very interesting souvenir choice. No visit to Yogyakarta is complete without buying some chickpeas as a souvenir. Today, there is an innovation in steamed chickpeas that offers a smooth and naturally delicious chickpea texture.

The availability of steamed chickpeas definitely adds to the culinary treasures of the islands of Yogyakarta. Visitors can take it home for their family as a new, special treat. Baked chickpeas not only look new in texture, but also offer a whole range of flavors.

Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

So what are the differences in taste and where can you get this steamed chickpea product? Check out some reviews below.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Resmikan Outlet Baru Di Jalan Solo Yogya

There are many varieties of steamed chickpeas and they provide a unique taste sensation when eaten. Below are some of the types of steamed chickpeas available in the market that you can choose from:

Steamed Bakpea products are the most popular versions. A combination of very soft steamed chickpea skin with melted chocolate refines this steamed chickpea.

For cheese lovers, the taste of steamed chickpeas is for you. Yes, there is a very thick and delicious deep-fried cheese inside the soft chickpea shell.

This version of steamed baked beans offers a rich combination of brownie and chocolate flavors. The texture of these steamed chickpeas is not only very delicious, so it is perfect for those who like brown and served with hot tea.

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Ini 4 Alasan Mengapa Mataram Bakpia Kukus Wajib Dibawa Pulang Sebagai Oleh Oleh Dari Jogja

It wouldn’t be complete if you bought steamed chickpeas without the change. Green Bean Bakpea is an authentic version that you must try. The mild and sweet taste of green beans will be delicious.

There are many places where you can buy steamed chickpeas as a family gift to take home. Some of these places include:

So, if you want to buy steamed chickpeas, you can visit many available stores. Also, you can do simple shopping at the market, which is cheaper than traveling to the city, but you won’t bring home local souvenirs. Because it has become an unwritten mandatory law. Bekpea is of course the main item on the list of souvenirs that can be bought at Jogján. You can find these food vendors in almost every corner of the city of Jogi.

Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

But have you ever thought of buying a souvenir other than Bakpe? If I may suggest, there is no harm in taking Bukhara Mataram Bakpiya. This type of chickpea is different from the chickpeas usually found on the market, because it is not cooked, but in the oven, as the name suggests. The texture is smooth with a variety of ingredients and flavors. The name Mataram itself comes from the name of the Ngyogyakarta dynasty and the kingdom that preceded the establishment of Kasunan Surakarta.

Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja Konkret Dukung Pemberdayaan Umkm Sleman

Currently, Mataram Bakpiya Cocos is collaborating with Silwangi Bolo Cocos. You can buy Mataram Bakpia Cocos from many places in Jogja such as Limpoyangan Station, Togo Station, Abarakmo Plaza and Jogja City Mall in Siluwangi Bakpia Cocos. Meanwhile, if you are in Solo, you can reach Solo Balapan Station. An exciting campaign starts between April 8 and 16, 2023. For every 1 steamed Siliwangi Bolu purchased, we get 1 steamed Mataram Bakpia for only IDR 35,000. But if you just want to buy the Steamed Mataram Buckpia, we can have it for IDR 29,000. Normal price IDR 39,000 without promotion.

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The terms and conditions of the campaign are very simple, just follow the Instagram accounts of Mataram Bakpiya Kooks and Sliwangi Bolo Kooks. This promotion is not valid multiple times and a person can only receive one promotion. Only for the first 50 people who arrive at the appointed time. Promotion dates or hours vary by store. Don’t forget to check Instagram for updates.

During the promotion, Mataram Buckpia Cocos flavors are Chocolate Butter, Chocolate Milk, Durian Missing King, Plantain and Matcha Latte. Meanwhile, Mataram Buckpia Cocos has 15 more flavors such as Black Forest, Chocolate Brownie, Cafe Latte, Choco Pandan, Chocorio, Green Bean, Cheddar Cheese, Ajwa Date, Aromanise Mango, Honey Jacket, Delicious Pandan, Strawberry Mad ciwidey and Tiramis coming soon . The official Mataram Buckpia Cocos store will be open from Saturday 15 April 2023 at Plaza Malibu. During the opening period, a number of promotions await us.

Mataram Buckpia Cocos is PIRT certified and of course Halal. So you don’t have to worry about shopping. Also, Mataram Steam Bakpiya is prepared by reliable and skilled local workers with proper equipment and machinery, using selected raw materials and hygienic procedures. No wonder steamed mataram bakpea tastes delicious. This steamed mataram bakpeas can be stored at room temperature for 10 days from the date of production. However, if stored in the refrigerator, it will last up to 20 days.

Tempat Belanja Oleh Oleh Di Jalan Solo–jogja, Wajib Mampir

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Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

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Harga Bakpia Kukus Stasiun Tugu

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