Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

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Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat – J.L. Pecenongan Raya No.72 Ruko Roof Merah B10 (Inside Redtop Hotel Complex), Kebon Kelapa, Gambir, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, 10120

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Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

The apartment is located in Central Jakarta Pecenongan, near Monas, near Juanda Station, near Sawah Besar Station, near Gambir Station, Central Jakarta Pasar Baru, near Istiklal Mosque – JL Apartment Location. Pecenongan Raya No. 72 Ruko Roof Merah B10 (In Redtop Hotel Complex) Kel. Kev Kelapa, Kek. Gambir, Central Jakarta. The location of the hostel is the best, in the middle of Jakarta, all places are close, the building environment is quiet, safe, comfortable and not flooded.

Rekomendasi Kost Murah Di Jakarta Buat Pekerja. Mulai Dari 1 Jutaan/bulan

If the 2nd person washes 1 set of brushes per day, there is no extra charge, and if 2 hours a day, the 2nd person washes 250,000 per month.

For rooms priced at Rp. 2,800,000, equipped with: 32-inch LCD TV, cable TV, refrigerator, large opening windows

Monthly fee: Rp. 1,600,000 | 1,800,000 IDR | Rp. 1,900,000 | Rp. 2,000,000 | Rp. 2,800,000 per month

Full school address: JL. Pecenongan Raya No. 72 Ruko Roof Merah B10 (In Redtop Hotel Complex) Kel. Kev Kelapa, Kek. Gambir, Central Jakarta 10120

Kost Damai Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

* Warehouse * Jl. Tanjung 48 – Menteng Land Area: 748 m2 (17.5 x 42.5) Building Area: 500 m2 Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3 Maid’s Room: 2 Maid’s Room: 1 Garage: 1 Building Frontage: East Zone Titles (Free.

Old house for quick sale in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta Plot: 209 m2 (9.5 x 22) Building area: 150 m2 2 floors Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 2 Electricity 10,600 W South facing SHM arm Water PDAM Aetra renovated room F120. Car 2 Car 2 UN…

House For Sale Location: Sumur Batu District, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta, 10640 Property Specifications: Plot: 313m² Building Area: 200m² SHM 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms No Traffic Congestion Front Entrance 2 Parking 1 Carport 2 Car…

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Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

Urgent Sale Jakarta City Center Office Building Office Parking Details: Building: Building Area: 1,145 m² Physical Size: 1,650 m2 Building Size: +/- 3,500 m² Building Structure: 5 Floors Electrical Capacity: 33,000 Garage/Carport/ Capacity. ..

Properti Dijual Di Gambir Harga 2 Miliar

Location: Menteng, Central Jakarta Land area 725 m² Building area 550 m² 2-storey building Certificate of Ownership. Selling price Rp. 45 million (negotiable)

This house is rented from JL. Pecenongan Raya No.72 Ruko Roof Merah B10 (In Redtop Hotel Complex), Kebon Kelapa, Gambir, Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Certificate of Ownership (SHM), District Building 330m

, 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, 30 parking spaces, 66000 W electric, furnished: fully furnished, rent $1.6 million, negotiable

The house is located in Pecenongan near Monas, Harmony, Juanda Station and Pasar Baru. Find your dream property at Jitu Properties. Jitu Property is a certified property manager and the only person to create a digital real estate platform that simplifies and accelerates business processes (selling, buying, renting, financing).

Patara 36 Residence Gajah Mada

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Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

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Kost Khusus Putri Hayra Dekat Kampus Unkris, Assafiyah Jatiwaringin

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Kost 46 Ac/wc,aman,nyaman,bersih,dekat Pusat Kota/kuliner/busway/stasiun

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Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

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Hotel Oyo 127 W Residence Jakarta 2* (indonesia)

Hello, we send our OTP number by SMS to the number, is this number correct, is your mobile number valid? Looking for a good place to stay in Central Jakarta? A private house in Pasar Baru can be bought for $2 million. It is centrally located but convenient to North Jakarta and close to everywhere.

So for those operating around Kemayoran, Gunung Sahar, Ankol or Juanda, Pasar Baru would be the choice. If you want to sleep, it is only 4 km from Menteng and all the famous places. So don’t worry!

The areas around Pasar Baru and Pecenongan are known for delicious Chinese cuisines. Once you’re there, it’s not easy to find a place to eat.

Housing prices in Pasar Baru are also affordable. You can get a very nice house for less than $3 million. When again?

Kost Kintamani Gambir

Pasar Baru is a nice place to easily go west and north. If you’re looking for a unique place to live on a budget in the area, check out the options below!

House in Pasar Baru is located in the heart of Pasar Baru. This residential property is located near Gunung Sahar business and office. You only have to walk 300 meters to reach this road.

Pasar Baru is also a popular Chinese restaurant. The legendary Bakmi Aboen, Hakka and Bakmi Kelinchi are just 400 meters away. For shopping, you can go to the Golden Truly Mall in Gunung Sahar or the many shops in Pasar Baru.

Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

This exclusive hotel in West Jakarta, Jalan Kelinci Bunder No.9, RT.4/RW.3, Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar District can be rented from IDR 2.3 million per month. Cheap for an exclusive home, right? The facilities are as follows.

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Kost Redtop Tipe B, Jakarta Pusat

With this exclusive affordable apartment in West Jakarta, you don’t have to clean or wash, everything is paid for. Instead of worrying about finding a house in crowded Gunung Sahar, just hop on a boat at Kelinchi Bunder Pasar Baru!

Five kilometers from Pasar Baru, we reach Tomang, Grogol and West Jakarta, which are close to many universities and shopping malls. Permata Tomang is only 10 minutes away from Trisakti and Tarumanegara universities.

Housing in West Jakarta is not just for students. This 100-room Grogol building can be a good choice for those who have offices in West Jakarta.

The location of this apartment building is less than 2 km from Taman Anggrek Mall, Central Park and Neo Soho. Its good location makes the market and you want to find food easily.

Kost Kintamani Gambir Jakarta Pusat

West Jakarta Exclusive Hostel is located at RT.10/RW.9, Jalan Permata #6, Grogol Petamburan, Tomang. Renting from IDR 2.3 million per month, you get the following complete facilities.

Permata Tomang is designed as a stylish and fun house in West Jakarta. There are many places that encourage games and gatherings. In addition, there are no electricity, laundry or cleaning costs. What else are you looking for?

Tsideng is an area in central Jakarta, which is also the concept of West Jakarta. The distance from Sideng to Pasar Baru and Gaja Madan is only 3-4 kilometers. So from around Trisakti and Untari where places like Grogol, Tomang, Tanah Abang and S. Parman are very good.

Kost Daerah Pecenongan Jakarta Pusat

For snacks, staying here can be a good choice as it is located around the main street with many food stalls. It takes only 14 minutes from the building to drive to Tanjung Duren, Central Park or Neo Soho shopping mall.

Ruko Komersial Di Cideng Jakarta Pusat Jakarta Pusat

Located in central Jakarta, this apartment is ideal for couples due to its spacious rooms. Plus a loft-style room with a study below and a living room above, perfect for WFH, right? Rent starts at IDR 2 million per month. Come check out the sites!

Generally, as with shared living, you don’t have to worry about laundry or cleaning services

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