Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

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Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas – Jakarta is Indonesia’s main city, the commercial center and the government center. Due to the higher cost of living and real estate, some people need cheap housing to live here, such as log cabins.

There are different types of apartments in Jakarta, such as (i) free apartments or apartments with charters, (ii) mixed-sex apartments, and (iii) male-only apartments. iv) Women’s meeting house.

Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

Check out our information about these types of homes so you can consider them and choose the home that’s right for you.

Rekomendasi Kost Murah Di Jakarta Buat Pekerja. Mulai Dari 1 Jutaan/bulan

Private Apartment This is a type of apartment for boys only. Owning this type of apartment provides personal comfort to the men who live there. In addition, it preserves local traditions and customs. Female Shared Dormitory The apartment is for female residents only. Apartments built specifically for women are designed to provide women with a sense of security and comfort. Special Quest Special Quest is an apartment complex offering special accommodations and special services. Residents often have access to cleaning and laundry services. Custom homes can also be classified as luxury homes. Mixed housing is a type of housing that accepts both male and female tenants. If you don’t mind living near people of different genders, you can live in mixed dormitories. Character Charges The Search for Married Couples is an apartment that welcomes married couples. Rooms are usually spacious. Due to the complete facilities provided by the apartment, it is a very practical choice for newlyweds. The apartment is free 24 hours a day, which means there are no undue restrictions on apartment entrance and guest visiting hours. Generally speaking, the house is free, which means that it can be fully accessed within 24 hours, which means that there is no limit on the visiting time of each resident in the house, and frequent visits are allowed. night. Also read: Quality Control Building in Central Jakarta

The price of an apartment with 24 hours free service near the center of Jakarta is unclear. Affordable housing and luxury housing each have their pros and cons. However, if you are looking for cheap rental houses under Rs 30 lakh, we have the following tips:

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South Jakarta has become a place where residents spend the night. A healthy living environment is the dream of many people. However, house rents in the area can be higher than elsewhere. Don’t worry, we have rounded up the cheapest residential areas in South Jakarta with price or rent under 3 million rupees.

This apartment is very nice and close to Pandok Andah and Gandaria areas. So you can easily reach Gandaria City Mall as well as Pondok Anda Mall. This apartment is a mixed residence and welcomes both men and women. Hostel rules are also classified as free entry. Facilities provided include well-appointed rooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and laundry services.

Rumah Kos Kosan Di Lokasi Strategis Di Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat

Located in the Silandak area of ​​South Jakarta, this free apartment welcomes both men and women. In fact, they also accept couples as residents. Each guest in the apartment has access 24 hours a day. Additionally, there is no time limit if residents show guests their meeting rooms. Coast Tirthajaya Selandak Hotel is affordable and strategically located and offers complete facilities including Wi-Fi, air conditioning and fully equipped bathrooms with hot water and shower.

This apartment is located in the Satyabudi area of ​​South Jakarta. Very convenient for employees as it is located near Satyabudhi office. This free housing is open to both men and women. They also offer free visiting hours to guests. Facilities provided in this apartment include fully equipped rooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, electricity and bathroom facilities.

The Central Jakarta area is arguably the busiest area among the rest of Jakarta. Many government offices and buildings. Central Jakarta is a business district filled with high-rise buildings and luxury stores.

Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

It is very interesting to live in Central Jakarta, this area is dominated by many workers and young leaders who are looking for residential towers close to their offices, such as Tamrin, Gambir and Bandran. HI area. See below for tips on cheap rental apartments in central Jakarta.

Kost Jakarta Barat Jelambar Latumenten Grogol Bebas Banjir 4ttyt001

The main guesthouse in the Kebon Kakang area is small but offers the concept of an artist’s home. Full of commercial concepts, the wooden house under the star tree has only 5 (five) rooms, not much pressure and too much privacy. Ideal for introverts who want a quiet room in a busy city.

Quest Under Starfruit Tree offers a unique room concept with well-appointed rooms with high-speed free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, private bathroom and soft Fabio latex beds with pillows, sheets and duvets. . There is a kitchen with a common area.

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This residential building is one of the free residential buildings located in Menting area, central Jakarta. They are open 24 hours a day during visiting hours for guests and residents. The location is excellent, close to public transportation stations such as Mangarai Station. This apartment offers rooms with air conditioning.

Looking for a free apartment? You can choose Gunawarman 11 located in Suya Basar, Central Jakarta. The rooms offered in this apartment are very spacious, measuring 3 x 4 meters. The apartment accommodates both male and female residents. The buildings are very complete and will surely bring comfort to the residents. Residents will receive air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and fully furnished rooms. They also offer limited laundry services.

Dijual Cepat Kost Roi 8

West Jakarta has a rich history of tourism. Additionally, this area is also known as Chinatown (Chinese Village) and is the center of the Chinese population. The cost of living in West Jakarta is also lower. If you need to live in the area, here is a suggested list of affordable housing in West Jakarta.

Coast Miroya Residence is located in Miroya, close to Murko Buana Miroya. The location of the apartment is close to Pondok Anda and St. John’s Church. Peters. Moritz is located in the Miroya area, and residents can also go to shopping malls such as Plaza Sinan, Lipo Mall Puri and Puri Anda Mall. The rules in this apartment are very relaxed. This self-contained accommodation is fully equipped with all amenities, Wi-Fi and housekeeping service.

This apartment looks great with its minimalist and simple design. This apartment is located in the Manga Besar area of ​​West Jakarta. Residents have 24-hour access to the signboard, and there are no time limits for visitors. The location is very convenient, close to restaurants and shops. In addition, this apartment offers complete facilities, including air conditioning, Wi-Fi, private bathroom and laundry. The environment of this apartment is very clean and comfortable.

Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

If you are looking for an affordable apartment in East Jakarta without too many regulations, we have compiled a list of affordable apartments in East Jakarta to choose from. I understand!

Dijual Kos Kosan Bonus Kos Kosan Di Jl Kramat Lontar, Senen Jakarta Pusat

Coastline 11 is one of the condominiums in East Jakarta. The apartment is located in Mataraman, in the North Utan area. Most residents are workers or students. Each room also has its own balcony or terrace. The available rooms are also very large to ensure the occupants are satisfied.

Ibu Diah’s residence is located at the IKIP Doreen Sawit residence in East Jakarta. This apartment is perfect for office workers. It is also one of Doreen South’s free homes. They also accepted the couple living there. There is nothing suspicious about these buildings. Each room is fully equipped and equipped with wireless internet.

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North Jakarta is an area directly facing the sea. Although the area is frequently flooded, there are many tourist attractions in the area. There are many places to stay in North Jakarta to choose from. Below we have summarized our recommendations for residential and rental properties in North Jakarta.

Kelapa Gading Boarding House is located near the land, making it convenient for residents to travel. This apartment is located in an area protected from flooding and has two different types of rooms, single and queen. Each room has a private bathroom. In addition, Coastal Kelapa Gooding Hotel offers accommodation with TV, wireless Internet access and air conditioning.

Kost Jl. Kembang Senen Jakarta Pusat

This apartment is brand new. Residents have 24-hour access to the apartment and there are no restrictions on visitors. The location is far from the capital North Jakarta. All rooms are very spacious and sunny.

Apartments with special services and amenities sometimes do not guarantee that the residence is a free residence. There are some ground rules that are in place for the sake of order, safety and well-being of the residents. If you are looking for a characterful freehold apartment in the Jakarta area, priced between US$3-5 million, you can check out these offers.

South Jakarta has many residential and commercial properties. Below is a free 24-hour list of nearby residential buildings in South Jakarta to help you choose a residential building. let’s see!

Kost Di Jakarta Pusat Yang Bebas

This apartment has two rooms of different sizes. The first bedroom is 12 m² and the other is 20 m². Each room has a private bathroom. In addition, each room at Tibet Coast Apartment provides cable TV, air conditioning and a refrigerator.

Sebelum Menyewa, Kenali Dulu Ragam Tipe Kost Berikut Ini

The building of this apartment is very new and you will feel at home in this apartment as the design is very modern. The services provided are of very good quality and cost effective. Although the price is cheap, the facilities of this apartment are adequate and the services are well maintained.

Coast Batik Sinaian is a luxury condominium in the area

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