Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

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Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung – Bandung is the capital of West Java and is known for its friendly people. Not only that, the city of Bandung also has many diverse culinary specialties that you should definitely try.

If you plan to come to this city, you should not miss souvenirs for your family back home. The reason is that the trip will feel incomplete if you don’t take home any souvenirs.

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

Peyeum means tapai cassava in Indonesian. As the name suggests, this culinary dish is made from cassava that is fermented with yeast until it has a sweet and delicate taste.

Cibadak, Pusatnya Grosir Souvenir Pernikahan Di Bandung

You can eat this dish as a snack to help warm the body. You can easily find it in Bandung’s typical souvenir shops or street vendors.

The next suggestion for a typical Bandung souvenir is Kartika Sari banana cake. This pastry has become legendary because it is made according to a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation since Dutch colonial times.

They offer 6 types of Bollen ranging from the special Banana Bollen cheese for Rp 57,500 to the large Banana Bollen chocolate cheese for Rp 80,000.

If you want to buy something, there are 7 Kartika Sari stores in Bandung. One of the branches in Jalan Kebon Jukut No. 3C, Bandung.

Sebelum Pulang, Ayo Mampir Ke 9 Tempat Oleh Oleh Di Bandung

Wajit is a dish made from glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut, cooked together and then wrapped in kelobot. It has a sweet, sticky and salty taste and is therefore suitable as a snack.

Just like Peyeum Bandung, you can easily find this culinary delight in souvenir shops or street vendors.

For those visiting the city of Bandung for the first time, the name of this dish may seem strange. Gepuk is a side dish made from lean beef and seasoned with salt.

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

This gepuk has similarities with empala. One of the legendary gepuk in Bandung that you can take with you as a souvenir is Gepuk Nyonya Ong.

Belanja Yuk Ke Cibaduyut!

This culinary delight has now become a tourist destination and has been legendary since 1999. This outlet is located in several locations, but the central location is on Jalan Dr. Junjunan 155E, Bandung.

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Taking souvenir food seems incomplete. You should buy other typical souvenirs of Bandung that can be used as accompanying drinks, namely Kopi Aroma.

This coffee shop is a family business that has been around since 1930. Unlike other types of coffee, Kopi Aroma uses a traditional process that does not use chemicals.

There are two types of products they offer: Mocha Arabica and Robusta. However, you can choose the shape of the coffee, from

Rekomendasi Hampers Lebaran Di Bandung 2022

This cafe is located at Jalan Banceuy No. 51, Bandung. If you go there you can buy coffee and enjoy the latest roasted coffee.

Oncom fries are a typical Bandung dish made from thinly sliced ​​oncom and then fried in seasoned flour. The flavors of oncom chips are now increasingly diverse, from salty, sweet to spicy.

Due to the large production of oncom chips, you can buy them at affordable prices in souvenir centers. Normally a pack of Oncom chips sells for around IDR 15,000.

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

The next typical souvenir from Bandung is Lembang Milk Tofu. Unlike regular tofu, this type of tofu is much tastier because it contains pure cow’s milk and butter.

Local Brand Bandung Terbaik, Ada Yang Berawal Dari Umkm!

If you want to buy Lembang Milk Tofu souvenirs, go to Jalan Raya Lembang-Bandung No. 177, Jayagiri, Lembang, West Bandung.

If you know the typical dish Serabi, you will find a similar dish in Bandung called Surabi.

The basic ingredient to make this dish is rice flour. Unlike the sweet Solo serabi, Surabi Bandung has two flavors: salty and sweet.

If you want to buy these souvenirs, you can visit the Surabi Imut location at Jalan Setiabudhi No. 194, Cidadap, Bandung City or go to Surabi Cihapit at Jalan Cihapit No.36, Bandung Wetan, Bandung City.

Produk Fesyen Rajutan Asal Bandung Ini Dijamin Bikin Kepincut

This souvenir site is known to many people. Cibaduyut is a very famous bag and shoe production center in West Java.

In Cibaduyut you will find rows of shops selling a variety of products, especially bags and shoes. However, you can also find other items such as wallets, belts and more.

The reason you should shop at Cibaduyut is because the prices are very affordable. You can buy shoes or handbags with prices starting from several tens of thousands.

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

If you want to visit there, go to Jalan Cibaduyut Raya No.7, Kb. Released, Bojongloa Kidul, Bandung City.

Jasa Tirta Ii Promosikan Umk Pada Pameran Bandung Ide Craft

Finally, if you want a souvenir that is unique and different from the norm, you can opt for a typical Bandung souvenir in the form of an Angklung musical instrument.

So, you can learn more about this musical instrument by shopping and visiting the Angklung tourist center in Bandung. One of the most famous tourist and educational spots in Angklung is Saung Angklung Udjo.

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Here are 10 typical Bandung souvenirs that you can buy while on vacation there. You can take anything from food, kitchenware to musical instruments as gifts for your family back home. When you go on holiday to Bandung, you don’t have to worry about what you take home with you. You will find a wide choice of typical Bandung souvenirs that are not only cheap, but also of high quality. Besides being unique, Bandung also offers a variety of souvenirs that you can take home, from food, drinks or other items.

There are many shops selling various souvenirs and typical Bandung dishes, easily found in every corner of the city. These are the places you must visit when shopping in Bandung.

Jual Ladu Ketan Hitam Asli Makanan Khas Bandung

? Well, you can find the solution in Cibaduyut, Bandung. This is a hub for local handbag and shoe dealers.

Most bags and shoes here are made of leather and are very suitable as typical souvenirs of Bandung. The products sold here are made by local artisans and are very affordable. About quality, don’t worry! Bandung has the largest shoe industry in Indonesia with the best quality.

Angklung is a traditional Sundanese musical instrument made of bamboo. Actually, there are other bamboo musical instruments such as flute and kalung, but angklung is the most popular. The legendary angklung maker is Angklung House Pak Udjo Ngalagena on Jalan Padasuka.

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

Here, visitors can not only watch Sundanese art performances and buy souvenirs, but also participate in Angklung classes. Angklung for playing is often sold in sets and is available in smaller sizes for interior decoration.

Tempat Belanja Di Bandung Super Murah Ini Wajib Dikunjungi

Lovers of good food certainly know this legendary pastry shop in Bandung. Kartika Sari is a pastry shop famous for its mill, which means bananas with a variety of fillings from cheese to chocolate wrapped in flour. Not only mole, visitors can buy many different Bandung cake souvenirs, such as oval bagelan,

Don’t miss the many traditional snacks on offer, such as lemper, croquettes, bika ambon, risoli, salted tempeh, white potatoes, oncom and more. Currently, Kartika Sari branches are spread in most areas of Bandung such as Kopo, Dago, Buah Batu, Antapani and Ujung Berung.

Sin Sin is one of the oldest souvenir shops in Jalan Braga. This shop is known for its high-quality Sundanese souvenirs, such as wooden statues, carved wooden nameplates, paintings, silverware, wayang and angklung.

Wayang golek is a typical Sundanese souvenir that art lovers should buy. Unlike the Javanese wayang kulit, wayang golek is made of wood and then painted.

Oleh Oleh Khas Bandung Ini Wajib Kamu Bawa Untuk Mudik!

This legendary pastry shop was founded in 1918 and eventually changed its name in 1969. To this day, Soes Merdeka produces cakes with a delicious, milky white filling and is a famous souvenir in Bandung. In addition to eclairs, there are also many different types of dry cakes.

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Buying souvenirs here can be an option for those of you who don’t want to get into trouble. If it is this kind of dish, everyone in the family will definitely like it. Conditions

Although it is called Pasar Baru, this is actually the oldest market in Bandung city. A place where products are offered at affordable prices. Almost all needs of clothing, textile materials, accessories, food and home appliances are available here. Product

Oleh Oleh Barang Khas Bandung

Bandung is the most popular souvenir and can be easily found here at cheap prices. Tourists can bargain with traders to get very low prices.

Rekomendasi Oleh Oleh Khas Bandung Yang Harus Dibeli

It is located in the city center. You just need to walk from Bandung train station. If you are lazy to walk, you can try public transportation in the form of city transport (angkot), mark ST HALL-CIMAHI and get off at ST HALL or Bandung Central Station.

Known as the “Paris of Java”, Bandung offers a wide choice of souvenirs, whether food or cheap goods to take home. Be careful, go shopping crazy, you know.

The IDN Times community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. All written works are the sole responsibility of the author. You are here Home Center Handbags and shoes Featured Bandung Cibaduyut Cheap quality shopping paradise

Surely many of you know and know the name Cibaduyut Bandung. That’s right, Cibaduyut is one of the areas with very famous shoe and bag production centers in West Java. Discover for yourself that along Jalan Cibaduyut we see rows of shops selling goods, mainly bags and shoes.

Oleh Oleh Haji Dan Umroh Kekinian Yang Bermanfaat

If you go inside, you will also see more handbag and shoe shops. Although it is called a shoe and bag center, it sells a wide variety of goods such as leather jackets, leather bags, wallets, belts, dolls, sandals and handbags. All these items are produced by local residents known for their craftsmanship. Look for shoes and handbags from Cibaduyut, don’t miss these when traveling to Bandung. This place is known for high quality shoes and handbags at reasonable prices. Although the price is cheap, the quality is not inferior to international brands. Even the owner of the brand “Sophie Martin” specially ordered the production of her products here.

He heard that Cibaduyut has always been synonymous with shoes. Due to this feature, a shoe monument was erected at the entrance of Jalan Cibaduyut. The monument is in the shape of a black boot statue. The goal is natural

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