Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

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Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan – Processed Malang apples such as chips and drinks and tempeh chips are often the choice for typical Malang souvenirs. But now there are many modern Malang souvenirs that you can take home for your loved ones or yourself. Starting with different flavors of bakpea and chocolate mixed with tempeh. Below is a must-try list of modern Malang souvenirs.

While this quintessential Malang souvenir is legendary, Pia Cap Mangkok continues to innovate in packaging and taste. In this way, Pia Cap Mangkok is a selection of modern Malang souvenirs that you can buy. This typical Malang piya has a crispy skin and a soft filling. Pia Cap Mangkok’s flavor options include green bean, chocolate, cheese, tangkwee, durian, coffee, green tea and apple. Pia Cap Mangkok is also Halal certified.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

Another typical Malang pia that can be a modern souvenir is Mister Pia. Mister Pia is a unique box shape that is dry on the outside and soft on the inside. Another unique thing is the content of the cake, which is a cassava strip. You can choose from different versions of the original pia bar, chocolate, cheese, blueberry, peanut, durian, cappuccino, tiramisu and oreo.

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Are you a chocolate lover? Have you tried tempeh chocolate yet? If not, buy Dekonco Tempe chocolate as a modern Malang souvenir. Dekonco Tempe Chocolate offers a variety of flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, apple and spicy tempeh chocolate. The sweet taste of chocolate and the crunchiness of tempeh make this Malang souvenir popular among many tourists.

If you’re on holiday in Malang, drop by Batu and visit interesting attractions like Jatim Park. Afterwards, don’t forget to buy a modern Malang souvenir, namely Batu chocolate. This chocolate maker in Batu Malang is famous for its chocolate ball souvenirs, chocolate balls filled with cream in various flavors such as apple, tiramisu, durian and matcha. There are also other options for Malang souvenirs, namely crispy apple buns and crispy apple cheeses.

Here are modern Malang souvenirs that you must try! As the name suggests, Oh My Gethuk presents gethuk as souvenirs. But make no mistake, this gethuk is served in modern form as rolls in various flavors namely chocolate, cheese, soap, taro and even macchiato. Oh My Gethuk will keep for up to 4 days if stored in the refrigerator.

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Bolu Bakpao Telo Singosari is the latest product of Bolu Malang Singosari, which has become an icon of typical Malang souvenirs. The unique thing about Bolu Bakpao Telo is that the ingredients used are telo or purple sweet potato, which is typical of the city of Malang. You can bring the original Bolu Bakpao Telo, chocolate, milk and even durian dawet home to your loved ones.

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For pie lovers, don’t miss Ovenmuni’s quiche menu. This French savory pie comes in a variety of flavors like spinach, tuna melt quiche, and the finest variety of black truffle. There is also Muscheese, which is a classic quiche with three types of cheese and vegetables. In addition to quiche, there are also recycled onde-onde with modern content, such as the lotus bishop, which can be used as a souvenir.

This is a must try selection of modern Malang souvenirs. Before you go on vacation to Malang, arrange your itinerary and book various tourist tickets to Malang through . In addition to practicality, there are many attractive promotions that can make your holiday budget even more economical. Happy holidays and modern Malang souvenir searches! Malang’s exoticism has earned the city several nicknames such as the city of flowers, the city of education and the city of tourism. Malang is also known for its many tourist attractions such as Jatim Park, Coban Rondo and other natural attractions that delight the eyes.

If you visit Malang’s attractions, don’t forget to take home some souvenirs. Below are recommendations for popular Malang souvenirs, from food to handicrafts.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

Malang strudel is the most popular modern Malang souvenir demanded by tourists. This food is a cake that originates from Austria and is made from flour. In addition, this cake also has different variants, from

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Dan Harganya Yang Terjangkau

Zekers are usually eaten as a mixture of chicken noodles or meatballs. However, this typical Malang souvenir gives a different feel by processing the nails into chips. Like chips in general, the texture of this food is crunchy and delicious. But the difference is the raw material. The skin of the nails will give this food a delicious taste.

Then a typical Malang souvenir that never becomes a souvenir when visiting Malang is fruit chips. Malang is a city rich in the cultivation of various fruits. The fruits most commonly processed into chips in Malang are melons, rambutans, snake fruits, apples, mangoes, watermelons and longans.

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These typical Malang fruit chips have a crunchy texture and taste that still retains the original fruit flavor. Also, friends, you can buy these fruit chips in Malang at an affordable price.

It is called piaskål because this food has a bowl-shaped seal. It is a unique brand of this food which is similar to bakpi. However, this pias bowl has become a typical Malang souvenir with many fans.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Yang Wajib Dibawa!

The texture is soft and has its own characteristics, namely the skin is quite crispy. Other than that, this piya bowl is pretty well packaged. This, of course, makes it easier for tourists who want practical souvenirs.

Next is an apple tree. This apple food is a home business that is highly developed in Malang. This apple and sugar food mix is ​​really sweet. The apple flavor of this karang masao is also strong and fresh, which sets it apart from other ingredients.

Until now, tempeh has always been processed by frying, stewing or making mendoan. But in the hands of the people of Malang, tempeh can become a truly unique food, namely chocolate. This tempeh chocolate is called deKonco and has a unique taste.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

This combination of traditional and modern food makes this tempeh chocolate unique. This can attract the attention of Malang tourists who want to look for souvenirs.

Makanan Khas Malang, Jawa Timur Enak Yang Wajib Coba!

Malang apples have always been popular among many people. Malang is very characteristic of apples with various preparations, which never leave the attention of tourists. One of the processed apples that is also in high demand is apple juice. This typical Malang souvenir is made by drinking apple juice.

Another typical Malang souvenir that you should buy as a souvenir for your family back home is the teloh beads. This food is an innovation of buns made from sweet potatoes or purple potatoes, which are grown in large quantities in Malang. Moreover, these tea cups are also available at a good price.

The skin is a thin food with a crispy texture. Malange leather is made from bananas. This typical Malang souvenir has a crunchy and spicy taste and is suitable as a snack. This Banana Leather Bangka also comes in pretty good packaging, so it’s perfect to take home as a souvenir.

Apples still rank first as a food used as a typical Malang souvenir. This time the apples are processed into yenang. This typical Malang jenang definitely has a different and unique taste due to the strong apple flavor. Therefore, this food is still popular among many people.

Wisata Belanja Di Kota Malang, Tawarkan Produk Murah Meriah

In addition to apples, if only juice is taken, apple peel can also be processed into jam. The apples used as the main ingredient in this jenang are obtained from selected fruits of the right ripeness. This apple jelly has a great taste and belongs to the group of healthy foods.

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Moving on from food, besides food, Malang souvenirs to take home include a wide variety of Dinoy pottery crafts. This ceramic craft is even concentrated in the village, which was opened as a tourist village in 2010. A variety of ceramics will suit those who like collectible items, as these items are mostly used as display cases.

If you want a souvenir that is practical and can be worn on your body, then this typical Malang T-shirt may be the way to go. These modern Malang souvenirs are the choice for the younger generation who want to experience the quality of Malang city t-shirt production. Malanga shirts are also commonly associated with regional symbols or words specific to the Javanese dialect or Malanga language.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang Selain Makanan

Like other cities in Indonesia, Malang has unique batik that tourists can take home. This typical batik of the city of Malang is characterized by bright colors with characteristic motifs of lotus flowers and motifs.

Oleh Oleh Khas Malang, Jangan Sampai Nggak Dibawa Pulang

Malang batik or also known as Malangan batik also has various motifs such as monument motifs, white lion hair and so on.

In addition, Malang has another unique craft, namely bamboo craft. This bamboo craft is village oriented in Sanankerta as it can grow abundantly in the local area. These bamboo crafts include ashtrays, key rings and calligraphy at very affordable prices.

Finally, the Malang mask is a typical Malang souvenir given for souvenirs and has an element of closeness to the cultural heritage. This mask is a form of performance of local artistic culture.

This Malangan mask also consists of eyes, nose, lips shape, color and carvings. The colors of the mask are white, green and yellow. All the colors of the Malangan mask also have their own meanings and symbols.

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