Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

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Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis – 5 Hotels to Stay in Jogja Under 100K per Night – Jogja is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Apart from its natural beauty, Jogja is also known for its rich culture and history.

For travelers on a budget, finding cheap accommodation is a must. In addition to cheap prices, tourists naturally also want adequate facilities for relaxation.

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Check out the recommendations for cheap accommodation in Jogja that is ready to be your vacation spot. Continue reading this article to the end, okay?

Hotel Di Jogja Yang Ada Kolam Renang

This guest house is located in the Mergangsan area. The rooms have comfortable spring beds that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the guests, there is also internet access, a kitchen and a spacious lounge.

The location of Kalpataru House is also strategic, close to malls and malls. Also near the area below.

Still in the Mergangsan area, Prawirotaman, Oke Baik Hostel can be a reference for cheap hotel accommodation in Jogja under 100 miles per night. The design is minimalistic and colorful, leaving a clean and happy feeling.

Oke Baik Hostel offers facilities such as breakfast, parking area, free internet connection, air conditioning, shuttle service and multilingual staff.

Rekomendasi Hotel Strategis Di Yogyakarta

Prices from IDR 50,215 per night make Oke Baik Hostel your economical solution. Check-in time is 14:00-23:59 WIB and check-out time is 01:00-12:00 WIB.

1-star accommodation is cubical with a terrace. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free internet connection facilities. There is also a kitchen and luggage storage.

Cubic provides a coffee machine that guests can use, breakfast is available and the rooms are equipped with towels and bed linen.

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Cubic area of ​​tourist areas is also still affordable. It is 2.3 kilometers from the Sonobudoyo Museum, and 14 kilometers from Adisucipto Airport.

Tempat Wisata Paling Hits Di Dekat Malioboro Jogja

Starting at IDR 78.00 per night, it is ideal for those who are on a budget but still want to sleep comfortably. Check-in time is 14:00-23:59 WIB and check-out time is 07:00-12:00 WIB.

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It offers free Wi-Fi, free parking, a 24-hour reception and a restaurant. The rooms are small cabins, very suitable for backpackers and travelers.

Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro are must-visit tourist attractions when traveling to Yogyakarta. Close to Tugu Center and other tourist spots, visitors choose to stay near Yogyakarta Palace.

Especially if you bring your family, the accommodation should be above average. Ostic House is the right choice if you want to save money on accommodation costs but want to live in a comfortable residence.

Hotel Septia Yogyakarta 2* (indonesia)

Ostic House offers a swimming pool, a 24-hour reception and free internet connection. Its strategic location will make it easier for visitors to find tourist attractions and other accommodations.

Reducing accommodation costs can be a great way to save money when you travel. You can put accommodation costs aside to try other things in the city you’re visiting.

For example, taste the culinary flavors in one of the fancy coffee shops of your dreams, or want to explore your destination city more widely. Enjoy.

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Hello! I’m Annsia, mother of a new baby, also a Lifestyle blogger. I enjoy writing about my travels, places I visit, product reviews and parenting. This blog is open for collaboration. You can contact me via email and don’t forget to follow my social networks, ok? I will definitely keep coming back hihihih Hotels in Yogyakarta for family holidays – End of year holidays will be here soon. Have you made vacation plans? If you don’t want to travel a lot, Yogyakarta might be the right choice for you.

Rekomendasi Hotel Murah Dekat Malioboro

In Yogyakarta there are many places you can visit, from Lava Tour at Mount Merapi or shopping trips in Malioboro. Holidays in Yogyakarta will always be fun, that’s all!

Therefore, for those who are on vacation with your family, the decision about accommodation can be one of the most difficult issues. Of course you will need comfortable but not too expensive accommodation for the family.

. Besides the price being cheap, you will be able to meet with all the members of your family, it is very practical! Let’s check out the following recommendations for hotels with family rooms in Yogyakarta for family vacations!

This accommodation offers a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by rice fields and large farms. The location on the banks of the river makes it

Rekomendasi Hotel Short Time Jogja Dekat Stasiun Lempuyangan, Cocok Untuk Transit!

It feels good One of the amenities here is to observe the rice planting or harvesting process directly from the farmers. It really is going to be an unforgettable family vacation!

Don’t forget to try the spa equipment to relieve fatigue after working all year, Good! For rooms you can choose a type

If you are an art lover, this accommodation will be perfect for you and your family. From the outside, Astuti Gallery & Homestay looks very attractive. The attractive exterior of the Joglo building attracts people!

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Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Inside this guest house you will find many beautiful paintings that are very Javanese. The interior furniture is mostly wood and natural stone, which makes it feel very comfortable and

Paket Wisata Jogja Terbaru 2023 & Tour Custom Murah Terbaik

, there are two types, the first one has a capacity of three people, and the second one has a capacity of four people. You can choose the one that suits your family. Prices for family rooms here start at IDR 800,000 per night.

. You can feel the cultural atmosphere of Yogyakarta with an artistic touch. The interior is mostly wood, bamboo and various decorative plants that make it very beautiful.

It looks like an ordinary house from the outside, but it turns out it’s a guest house! The interior feels like an old schoolhouse, with different textured floors. there is the sky

If you come with your family, you can choose the attic room which is quite spacious. Complete with TV room, sofa and balcony to relax. Apartment prices at Rumah Kandjani start at IDR 500,000 per night. It’s not too expensive for the convenience you get.

Abadi Hotel Malioboro Yogyakarta (indonesia)

The pool in the middle of the guest house is not very wide, but still good for your children. Ability

The guest house sleeps four with spacious and comfortable rooms. Room rates start from IDR 400,000 per night. Interesting, right?

Holidays that will bring comfort to you and your family. It’s really nice to relax on the shore of this lake! (Photo:

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

The area of ​​this residence covers 5 hectares and is decorated with a large lake and a beautiful garden. The comfortable environment and complete facilities will make you feel at home here for a long time. From swimming pools to fishing, it’s all there!

Hotel Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: 8 Pilihan Terjangkau Untuk Berlibur

M in the very large Westlake Hotel! Outside the room there is a balcony to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the nature of Yogyakarta. Alternatively, you can rent a bike to get around

This hotel is very close to several family tourist attractions such as Taman Pintar, Vredeburg Bull Museum, Yogyakarta Presidential Palace and Sasmitaloka Museum. Amenities at this hotel include a restaurant serving a variety of delicious food and a swimming pool.

This boutique hotel is not very big, with only 11 rooms and a traditional restaurant. The shady garden setting makes the atmosphere in this guest house very pleasant. The interior of the in-laws house looks very simple with bamboo furniture.

You don’t have to worry about planning your vacation when you stay here because Rumah Mertua offers unique services to visit Yogyakarta! By paying around IDR 700,000 per night, you can get a room type

Mau Tahu Hotel Dekat Dengan Mall Di Yogyakarta?

If you are looking for comfortable and quiet accommodation, Nextdoor Homestay is the right choice. It is not far from Yogyakarta Palace Square, Malioboro and Tugu Center.

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As the name “Nextdoor” suggests, this guest house gives visitors a good feeling. It’s like we’re visiting neighbors. The staff is very friendly, the accommodation is quiet, comfortable and shady. If you want to explore Jogja, you can rent a motorbike from this guest house.

Nextdoor Homestay also offers rooms for families that you can rent. There is only one downside to this accommodation: its location is not visible from the main road as it is slightly inside Jalan Parangtritis, specifically on Gang Timuran MG III/140. Room rental prices are also quite affordable, starting at IDR 150,000 per night.

Penginapan Murah Dekat Stasiun Tugu Jogja: Akses Praktis

Do you want to relax with your beloved family, along with views of Mount Merapi and rice fields? Rumah Jembarati Family Lodge offers just that. This lodge is located near the base of Mount Merapi, right in the middle of the rice fields. Another advantage of Rumah Jembarati is that it is close to the Merapi tourist area and other tourist areas near the Kaliurang area.

Rekomendasi Hotel Murah Di Dekat Tugu Jogja

Jeparati House has two large joglo houses: Jepara House and Jrebeng House. The room is large, with three single beds. Snacks such as cassava, bananas, drinking water, tea and coffee are available in every home. Do you want to feel like you are close to Mount Merapi? You can stay at Jembarati Family Lodge for IDR 800,000 per night.

One of the booming hotels in Yogyakarta has accessible and comfortable rooms with excellent privacy. It is very suitable for small families who want to stay in Jogja.

Yats Colony has a variety of rooms with two beds that are enough to accommodate a small family. Don’t forget, this hotel has a Japanese-style onsen and is close to tourist spots in Jogja, such as Tamansari, Malioboro, Kraton Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar, and other tourist spots.

If you bring a private car, you don’t have to worry about parking charges as Yats Colony offers free parking to its guests. If you do not have a private car, you can rent a car from this hotel to explore the city of Yogyakarta. You can stay at Yats at a price starting at IDR 750,000 per night.

Hotel Paling Dekat Stasiun Tugu Yogya, Nyaman Dan Murah!

Yabbiekayu is an accommodation designed to be environmentally friendly. Yabbiekayu Homestay bungalows are made from recycled materials and the finest teak wood from the mountains of Central Java. Yabbiekayu rooms are designed to increase air circulation and provide comfort to guests.

For those of you planning to stay here, Yabbiekayu has two and three bedroom apartments that can accommodate the whole family. This accommodation is highly recommended if you are

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