Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

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Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan – Understand Vision and Mission – In our daily life, we often come across vision and mission, be it for schools, organizations, companies, banks, etc. However, it should be noted that many people do not understand what vision and mission mean. In fact, many people still think that vision and mission are the same. However, when it comes to vision and mission, they have different meanings. There are only those who have a mission, those who have a vision and a mission at the same time, there are only those who have goals.

The following will explain what vision and mission mean, the difference, benefits, needs, and some examples of visions and missions in different places.

Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

Vision is a set of words that contains dreams, ideals, values ​​and the future of the organization, both in the institution and in the company. The vision is also the goal of the work organization. The vision is created from the founder’s thoughts about the future image of the organization. A vision can have the function of determining future steps, encouraging members, encouraging members to contribute to the maximum. Therefore, the set of words used in the vision should be clear and precise, usually only one sentence or no more than one paragraph.

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A vision will be very influential when an organization wants to change. The vision makes the organization go according to what the founder desires, so the vision prevents the organization from creating a new direction or turning towards the goals of the vision.

Creating a vision plays a very important role in taking the next step, a vision cannot stand alone. Therefore, a vision or picture of the future also needs an explanation of how to plan to move forward. That’s where the role of the mission comes into play.

After understanding the meaning of vision, next is the meaning of mission. In simple words, vision is the company’s wish or desire for the future. At the same time, the mission is how the company can realize its ideals in the future. In addition, the mission will answer several questions such as the company’s attitude, how it tries to win and how to measure progress. Therefore, a mission can be summarized as a set of plans or methods established to achieve a predetermined vision.

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The language of the vision and mission should support each other, but the mission statement is more specific than the vision. The mission will define the characteristics of the organization compared to other organizations. What is conveyed in the mission statement can usually include products or services that need to be prioritized. This is what makes the mission defined in the vision, as well as the description of the plan of action.

Perbedaan Visi Dan Misi Sekolah

As explained above, vision and mission are one, but each has a different meaning. After understanding the general meaning of vision and mission, the next step is to explain the difference between vision and mission.

1. Vision is the main goal, broad picture or specific ideology of the company, organization or institution in the future or the future. At the same time, the mission itself is a description of the method or procedure for implementing or achieving the main goal.

2. Vision is an expression of long-term goals or direction toward the future. At the same time, the mission takes the form of a very short-term goal, where the orientation is present or present.

Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

3. The vision is more permanent. The permanent nature means that every organization, company or institution has a long-term mission because it is the goal that determines the procedure. At the same time, missions are more variable in nature. The flexible nature means that the mission can be changed depending on the situation and existing conditions. In fact, the mission may be replaced when the mission is deemed not to be making significant progress toward the vision.

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4. The vision usually consists of just one sentence, not even more than a paragraph. Therefore, the vision can consist of just a few words, a few sentences or points that are clear, concise and can represent what is needed. At the same time, the mission is usually composed of several sentences as an elaboration or reduction of the defined vision. The mission should have different points that can explain the purpose of the vision.

5. Of the many visions and missions that are created, the vision usually consists of a general statement. At the same time, the mission usually has a description or statement that is very operational, specific and detailed.

First, the vision and mission can be the working standards for the organization in the company. Labor standards can be used to determine the duties and responsibilities of workers or employees in carrying out the company’s work. The existence of work standards can make workers or employees a goal to work, so that the work is more efficient and effective.

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Second, the vision and mission of the company can be implemented to increase the motivation of the workforce or employees in the workplace. Vision and mission can make it easier for employees to understand the goals of their work. Therefore, the company’s vision and mission are very influential in increasing the motivation and enthusiasm of employees to work and actually implement the company’s goals or vision.

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Third, if the vision and mission of the company can encourage motivation and enthusiasm for work. What is important is that the workforce or employees can become more productive. Workers’ productivity can be largely driven by their enthusiasm or motivation. An understood vision and mission has the potential to stimulate employee sentiments or employees to be more enthusiastic in carrying out the company’s goals.

Fourth, the company’s vision and mission can definitely be a reference for the company to move forward. The vision and mission of the company can be the basis or the main point or basis to be a reference in creating innovations for the development of the organization or the company. In general, the functions of vision and mission have the function of a reference document of the company in the process of change in determining the development. It can protect the company and prevent it from deviating from its goals and all its activities are adjusted according to the vision and mission used as a reference.

Fifth, once it has a leading role, the vision and mission can still function as a guide. In its role as a guide, the vision and mission will be used as a foundation for the workforce or employees working in the company or organization. Automatically, the guidelines will help the employees to boost their confidence at work due to the existence of this guideline.

Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

Sixth, vision and mission can work as an effort to increase employee loyalty. If the company has defined a clear vision and mission that can move the feelings of employees, not only will employees increase their efficiency and productivity, but also employees will be loyal in their work in the future. Loyalty will eventually increase automatically to enable employees to do their best work for the company.

Pengertian Dan Perbedan Misi Visi Adalah Sebagai Berikut

Seventh, the vision and mission actually have the power to influence decisions in the company. Decisions based on vision and mission can prevent steps that deviate or deviate far from the goal. The company’s vision and mission will also influence decisions about the company.

Finally, vision and mission have other uses to serve as the company’s primary goals. A clear and inspiring vision and mission will facilitate the company’s activities. This is because the activities of the company are carried out by employees who have understood the basic purpose of the company so that they have a clear image or view of their duties and responsibilities.

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After understanding the meaning of vision and mission, the difference and function of vision and mission. To understand the important role of vision and mission, here are the benefits of vision and mission that you should know, including:

A. Become something that can create a shared imagination to achieve shared success, both now and in the future.

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Is. It can provide and translate the organization’s basic objectives so that it can provide standards of use of time, cost and performance that can be controlled and evaluated.

After understanding the meaning, differences, functions and benefits of vision and mission. Vision and mission also play a very important role in encouraging all big and small companies to create their company’s vision and mission. The following are some criteria that should be used to create a vision and mission appropriate for any company, including:

Finally, after understanding the meaning, differences, principles, duties, benefits and requirements of vision and mission. The following are examples of shared visions and missions of companies, organizations and various organizations, including:

Perbedaan Visi Misi Dan Tujuan

Recognize the university as an independent and superior higher education institution that can solve national and global problems and challenges.

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Create added value for stakeholders by providing top quality products with professional services to realize the touch of Indonesia as an island image.

– Optimizing banking operations by prioritizing the micro and small sectors and the medium to support the economic improvement of the community.

– Ensure sufficient profits and benefits for stakeholders with good corporate governance practices and attention to sustainable financial principles.

Grammeds should not be confused about the difference between the meaning of vision and the meaning of mission. The existence of vision and mission in the company has a very important role and function. Vision and mission depend on each other and this is what makes employees work in the company.

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