Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

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Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor – Child-friendly hotels in Bogor – a vacation with family and children is a must and a way to relieve fatigue from busy work. There are many things you can do when you are on vacation or just at the weekend, from eating together, to recreation areas, etc.

Bogor has many child-friendly accommodations and hotels, close to tourist attractions, suitable for spending time with the family and children. will give you several recommendations on child-friendly hotels in Bogor. Check out the recommendations below.

Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

HARRIS Hotel Sentul City Bogor is one of the kid-friendly hotels in Bogor that you can visit with your family. There is a playground and entertainment for children, a large swimming pool that you and your family can enjoy as well. The facilities in this room are also quite complete and modern.

Hotel Di Bogor Kota Dengan Pemandangan Bagus

Novotel Bogor Golf Resort and Conference Center is located at the foot of the mountain with a cool and beautiful atmosphere. There are facilities

Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort is close to The Jungle Water Park and Orchard Walk making the hotel child friendly in Bogor. You and your family can also enjoy the view of Selak Mountain from this hotel. The Aston Bogor Hotel has a fairly large swimming pool, and the children will be delighted.

This child-friendly hotel is located in the culinary center of Bogor City. The rooms have a modern and comfortable concept. There are separate pools for children and adults, so there is no need to worry about children swimming.

. The children can enjoy the very wide swimming pool with an exciting playground. The view from this hotel is the beet mountain which is very beautiful.

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The next child-friendly hotel in Bogor is Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort, this 5-star hotel offers luxurious and comfortable rooms. Facilities are available for children

Pesona Alam Resort and Spa features beautiful and magical natural landscapes. This child-friendly hotel offers full play facilities for children, from

R Hotel Rancamaya is located in a residential area away from the crowds. This hotel is surrounded by a beautiful and cool green landscape. Children can enjoy the facilities

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Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

With a fairly complete game. There are two children’s pools with special playground equipment. You can enjoy massages,

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Royal Safari Garden Resort & Convention is one of the child friendly hotels in Bogor, children can see the animals treated in this hotel. Many facilities for children, m

And access to safari. You can enjoy the cool natural atmosphere and enjoy a meal in the restaurant while watching the animals.

This child-friendly hotel offers beautiful views of Mount Gada. There is a playground and a pool with an exciting slide. The rooms in this hotel are for parents and two children. You can also enjoy delicious food in the restaurant.

These are some recommendations for child-friendly hotels in Bogor that you can visit during holidays or weekends with your family. Come on! Just plan your vacation with the recommendations above.

Hotel Keluarga Dan Kolam Renang Di Puncak Bogor Dengan Panorama Yang Instagramble

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The rainy city is often a favorite destination for short family vacations, especially for excursions. Considering that you are traveling with your family, make sure you choose a family hotel in Bogor that can meet the needs of all family members. Not only should the room be comfortable, it would be good if the hotel you choose also has complete facilities so that you don’t have to leave the hotel to look for entertainment. As an alternative, here are some family hotels in Bogor with beautiful views and complete facilities that the HHWT team managed to collect!

This family hotel in Bogor is a favorite among many as it is integrated into the Cisroa Safari Park. You not only live in the cool atmosphere typical of Pancak, you can also play or feed the animals during your stay in this hotel. You can also feel the safari atmosphere during your stay, including the giraffe-patterned interior of the room!

Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

#HHWT Tip: Don’t miss breakfast at this hotel, because you can enjoy your meal while watching the animals in the next room!

Paket Gathering Di Sentul Dan Rekomendasi Tempat Outing

Green landscapes, cool air and complete facilities are some of the things you can enjoy at this family hotel in Bogor. Its location in the Rankamaya hills makes the atmosphere of this hotel very quiet. You can also enjoy the atmosphere by relaxing in the pool or walking in the large garden.

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The facilities are complete, from a swimming pool with slides, playgrounds for children (indoor and outdoor), and an arena for playing ATVs!

When you invite the whole family to spend the night in a different atmosphere in a tent-shaped room! Although it looks simple from the outside, this tent inside is equipped with various star hotel facilities. So you don’t have to worry about the comfort of your family members when you stay here.

Apart from that, the facilities provided by this family hotel in Bogor are also full. Various physical activities are available here, from flying fox, archery or swimming. The facility also often organizes art activities for children, such as painting on hats.

Rekomendasi Hotel Untuk Tahun Baru Di Bogor

This family hotel in Bogor has 2 views to choose from, namely a large modern pool view or a beautiful lake view. You can enjoy both. Simply choose whether you want to swim in the big pool or take a boat ride on the lake with a flock of beautiful white swans. One thing is for sure, a family vacation will not be boring when you are here. Don’t forget that this hotel also has an indoor playground for your little ones.

Located in the Gunung Geulis area, this hotel offers beautiful hill views with full facilities typical of a star hotel. You can explore comfortable rooms, a swimming pool and a large garden while staying at this family hotel in Bogor. The place is quite far from the busy center, so you can enjoy a calm atmosphere and clean air while spending time with your family.

This family run hotel in Bogor is a little towards Chanjur and offers natural views and a beautiful country atmosphere. Right in front of the building there is a small and clean river where you can just play in the water. You can feel the natural holiday atmosphere even more when you walk along the exercise path that passes between the rice fields, the small zoo and the bird park here. Even better, this hotel is also one of the pilot hotels for the new normal health protocol in West Java.

Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

Don’t hesitate to swim in this hotel because there are 2 pools for you to try. On the 5th floor there is a heated pool, while on the ground floor there is a pool whose temperature is maintained so that it remains comfortable for the guests.

Hotel Keluarga Terbaik Di Sentul

This is the perfect description of a family hotel in Bogor for holidays. This resort offers several one to four bedroom villas, the perfect number to bring a large family to stay in a cool atmosphere. You can also choose to spend the night with a view of the pool or a view of green trees.

This family hotel in Bogor is still relatively new, but has already become one of the favorite places in the rainy city. The pool is very wide and Instagrammable because there is a garden around it, it’s not bad if many guests take pictures in this place. The grounds of the hotel are large enough to explore while exercising in the morning. In addition there are several sitting areas with beautiful hanging chairs!

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In this hotel you can let your little ones run and play because the green area is so wide. Some corners also have playgrounds for children!

This family hotel in Bogor can be an interesting destination to relax at the weekend. The location is not too far and the access is easy. Some are located in very remote areas, but this is compensated by the beautiful views and complete facilities that make you and your family feel at home when you stay there. Considering the prevailing conditions, do not forget to follow the health protocols at all times! The cool air, convenient accessibility and the many tourist attractions and restaurants make Puncak Bogor one of the favorite travel destinations in Jakartans. In addition, its location, which is still close to the capital, makes many people interested in a weekend vacation in the Puncak Bogor area. In fact, it is not uncommon that they are willing to stand in traffic to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Puncak Bogor.

Rekomendasi Hotel Di Bogor Yang Viewnya Bagus Dan Murah

Apart from its various tourist attractions, Puncak Bogor also has a variety of accommodation. From star hotels to cheap villas can be found here. Since Puncak Bogor is a tourist area, there are many hotels and villas that provide facilities

, with a playground for children. So if you want to vacation with your family in Puncak Bogor, here are recommendations for family hotels that are child-friendly (

If you are still concerned about the state of the hotel during the pandemic, you can contact the hotel to make sure they are implementing the health protocols properly. This is a comfortable hotel in Puncak, Bogor that you can visit with your family.

Rekomendasi Hotel Keluarga Di Bogor

This hotel in Puncak Bogor is rated as a 5-star hotel, so naturally the room rate per night is quite expensive compared to other hotels in Puncak Bogor. However, the facilities offered by Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis Resort are worth the nightly room rate. Also its location, which is very close to the customs gate of Ciawi, is an advantage for this hotel in Bogor.

Weekend Dengan Suasana Hotel Infinity Pool Terbaik Di Bogor

The beautiful mountain panorama and the characteristic cool air of Puncak Bogor are attractions you cannot resist. This hotel in Puncak Bogor also has a super-sized golf course, you know.

The Grand Hill, a hotel in Puncak Bogor that offers a small indoor playground

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