Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

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Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung – Located in the mountains, the Dago area in Bandung has a very cool and pleasant climate. The scenery is also beautiful.

You can enjoy delicious food and spectacular views here. Let’s see where Dago has great places to eat and great views!

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

Some of the menus that you can order are various fried rice dishes, fried chicken, martabak, grilled banana and seblak. is also

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The Valley Cafe located in the Valley Resort Hotel has a beautiful view. It is recommended to go at night, because the city lights are colorful.

Warung Salse is part of a line of small hotels known as Salse. The place is in the middle of a wooded area, the environment is more peaceful. Suitable for a short break.

Among the list of dishes you can find are village noodles, gajrot tofu, tutug onkam rice, soto tangkar, tek-tek spaghetti, and even nymek noodles. for

You can choose from frozen fruits, berries and mammals. In addition, you can order drinks in the form of various juices, coffee, tea and sweets.

Tempat Makan Di Dago Yang Murah Dan Enak

From Stone Cafe, you can enjoy the beauty of dense green trees. Cool air, sure to make you feel better. Moreover, the traditional design makes this cafe even more unique.

, teriyaki salmon, fried rice, and salted egg shrimp. For drinks, you can enjoy a variety of juices, tea, coffee, etc

Location: Jalan Raya Ranka Kendal Luhur No. 5, Upper Dago Area, Siburial Village, Simenian District, Bandung City, West Java

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

When you arrive here, you will see mountain views as well as city areas. The beautiful scenery will delight you while tasting the traditional cuisine from this restaurant. You will definitely feel at home for a long time.

Tempat Nongkrong Di Dago Bandung Yang Murah Dan Hits

, this restaurant has a great view. Also, you visited this place before sunset. The massive sun streams through the pitched roof to further calm the atmosphere.

, then this restaurant could be the answer. Boiled fish, squid, prawns, prawns, crab and squid are some of the recommended dishes. For drinks, you can enjoy a variety of mojitos, iced teas, chocolates and coffees.

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When you eat here, you feel like a blue sky. Remarkably, you will see the cityscape covered in cotton-like clouds.

, salad, mushroom soup, various steaks, dory fish, salmon, rib soup, etc. For drinking, there are different juices,

Restoran Keluarga Di Dago Bandung Yang Wajib Dikunjungi Saat Liburan

This dining area is dominated by wooden decor that makes you feel like you are at grandma’s house. Because, the design of this restaurant is natural. You can see the city lights while eating.

The food menu includes Pizza, Uduk Rice, Timbal, Dori Sambal Mata, Gourami and various vegetables. To drink, you can drink hot, cold,

With an artistic concept, this cafe in the middle of the forest looks very interesting. While eating, you can enjoy the view of the plants to warm your heart. The environment is very cold and hot.

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

There are many dishes you can choose from, such as grilled rice, fried rice, pork, traditional Bandung soup and many other dishes. To finish there is ginger milk, blended coffee, milo, whole milk, bandrake, etc.

Wisata Kuliner Bandung Malam Hari, Wajib Banget Dikunjungi

Location: Jalan Dago Giri No. 90, Upper Dago Region, Makerwangi Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency, West Java

Here are some places to eat in Dago, Bandung, that can be recommendations for your culinary adventure. The first place you want to go if foodie friends are looking for a place to eat in Dago Atas, apart from getting delicious food, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. Being on a mountain means that there is a very cool, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at the top of Dago. Moreover, the view of Bandung city from here will be perfect. Many culinary entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to create places to eat in the region. You don’t have to worry about your mind to grab the attention of the audience, because Dago Atas’ beauty alone has stolen the hearts of many.

So, below we have summarized 8 places to eat in Upper Dago with great views. Beautiful scenery and fresh air can refresh your mind for a while, you know! Especially for cooking friends who are tired of the city noise. Enjoy a meal in the middle of a pine forest, drink coffee surrounded by green trees, or enjoy the beautiful lights of Bandung city that you can see here, you can choose the time and place that suits you in the environment. For those of you looking for a place to eat out while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, you can visit one of these seven restaurants. Where do you want?

But the place, wow, super super super cozy, especially on the couch or the place with the fire at the end, you’re right” said the chef looking at the beauty of nature! !!The environment is so beautiful!

Tempat Makan Seru Di Bandung Yang Pasti Bikin Anak Anak Senang

The place is quite spacious, there are indoor and outdoor playgrounds, suitable for bringing families, especially children, moms and dads and their children can play 😆

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This cafe can be called a place for entertainment, as it has the most beautiful view. It’s great for refreshments, and a place for the kids to play and feed the rabbits. There are many photo sites.

The place itself is very spacious, the interior is a semi open Japanese concept and there is also an outdoor area with a cool view.

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

On the way to Bandung in the morning, it was nice to hang out at Taru House while breathing in the fresh air of Upper Dago. One of my favorite places in Bandung.

Tempat Makan Enak Di Bandung Yang Murah Dan Terkenal

. The attraction could be the beauty of the interior, the view outside at night where you can see the colorful lights or the city and your fresh green rice in the morning, or maybe the vibes are family meets.

The place is beautiful and cool, you feel relaxed because the pool is beautiful! Apart from the restaurant, they also have houses with swimming pools, and you can go there if you want to swim.

The place is almost the same as living, bib. The place is spacious and nice enough to relax while enjoying the view of Bandung city. Perfect for Ghiba and your best friend, the atmosphere feels right at home there

Places to eat in Dago Atas Places to eat with a beautiful view Places to eat in Dago Atas with a beautiful view Indonesian cuisine Western cuisine Cafe Cafe in Bandung Dago Atas Cafe Coffee Dago Atas in Bandung When you relax with your family in Bandung If yes, then you must stop by Dago Bandung Family Restaurant! The Dago Bandung area is known for its wide selection of interesting and fascinating places. K

Nongkrong Asik View Perbukitan, Jangan Lupa Mampir Pas Liburan Di Bandung

The area is busy with tourists, Bandung residents and people from outside Bandung, especially before the holidays. Many tourists from outside the city will definitely visit the area of ​​Dago, Bandung. Almost every corner of the Dago area in Bandung also has a variety of delicious food. Don’t stop to eat at the cafes and restaurants in Dago. Sweets offer some of them unique and interesting ideas, such as beautiful natural landscapes or large outdoor areas, suitable as a place for family gatherings or meetings with friends. If you are vacationing with your family in Daegu Bandung, don’t forget to stop by the 11 recommended family restaurants in Daegu Bandung below!

The attraction could be the beauty of the interior, the view outside at night where you can see the colorful lights or the city and your fresh green rice in the morning, or maybe the vibes are family meets.

For those of you who are tired of eating at fancy restaurants, want a view but can’t find it in the city? Let’s go to D’Pacar Cafe for a treat! The place is very hot and cold. Photo spots are also plentiful. But on weekends, it’s best to book early as it’s usually full…

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Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

The place is quite spacious, there are indoor and outdoor playgrounds, suitable for bringing families, especially children, moms and dads and their children can play 😆

Kuliner Bandung Yang Paling Hits Di Dago, Wajib Kamu Coba!

Now this cafe is called Uttara Cafe, it is located in Parker Hill, on the right side, it is before the Keraton Rock, so it is suitable for a weekend visit to the palace, go to this cafe, the cafe is very beautiful. , cool, the air is always fresh and very clean, and the food is not expensive, you know.

So stylish and so Instagrammable! Overall, it’s good, even my family wants to come here again, yes the price is a bit expensive, but that’s normal for such a nice living room.

This is the only branch of this wonderful place. There is indoor and outdoor seating. I love the outdoors. Weekends are sure to be busy with a waiting list. But you will not have to wait long as the area is very wide. The waiters here are champions. The wait staff was quick and very friendly.

The place is beautiful, beautiful. horrible I was surprised when I went there, the atmosphere of this place is very good. Above you can also see the costumes, though not too much. When I went there it was dominated by executives having lunch, families, couples, no one much.

Beranjangsana Ke Padamu Negeri. Resto Rooftop Estetik Di Dago Bandung

Whatever you eat, you definitely don’t want to lose weight, you need to eat a lot! I love the meat here. The taste is fresh, and the spices are delicious! From beef ribs to seafood, I ate everything, hehe, delicious!

In fact, the first time I visited, I was very surprised by the concept of the cafe, which had a camp feel to it, the space and decor were very supportive and the atmosphere was great to come here in the afternoon.

The interior of this nest is also beautiful, there are many spaces inside, outside, then there are private rooms and 1 small area for kids. The place is quite warm and comfortable, especially since I’m calm and drunk when I get here.

Tempat Kuliner Di Dago Bandung

The ambiance of the dining area is perfect for gathering with family friends or anyone. Yesterday I ordered chicken with butter sauce, it was very good. Rice is made into a WKWQ prism with different styles depending on how it is served.

Tempat Makan Dengan View Bagus Di Bandung

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