Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

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Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta – KOMPAS.com – There are many delicious places to eat in South Jakarta. People are looking for family-friendly food.

Family trips and meals are common on weekends. It is not surprising that many places to eat, from restaurants, cafes or cafes, are equipped with a large kitchen.

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

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Cozy Restaurant For Hangout In Jakarta !

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Rumah Makan Saung Terbaik Untuk Keluarga Di Jabodetabek

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Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

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Makanan Jakarta Yang Lagi Hits, Penasaran Apa Aja?

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Rekomendasi Tempat Makan Di Jakarta Selatan Untuk Keluarga Magetan Official |

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Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

Family Dining Areas in South Jakarta Family Dining Areas in South Jakarta Popular Family Dining Areas in South Jakarta

Tempat Makan Di Purwokerto Yang Sedang Hits, Apa Saja?

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CFD is conducting a lengthy investigation into the case of Gibran’s milk distribution, which is currently in error. The letter has been read 8792 times

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta Barat

TNI AL: Colonel Budi Iryanto died of an illness unrelated to 179 kg of cocaine found in Banten sakit-tak-terkait-teman-179-kg https://asset.kompas.com/crops/ZUdI7UUq8BUlOIR-sNdDHyEglWY=/ 0x0:0x0/ 195×98/data/photo/2022/06/0202/ Dining out in Jakarta Application Help It’s easy to find a place to eat. In the application, you can see pictures of the atmosphere of the cafe you want to visit, so you can imagine how the atmosphere of the cafe is good. In addition, you can see other detailed information such as restaurant ratings, price ranges, menus and reviews. This way you can confirm whether the place you want to visit actually exists or not.

Speaking of outdoor dining, outdoor dining in Jakarta is becoming more and more popular every day, especially during the pandemic. It is not surprising, because experts recommend not to eat in closed rooms. Many restaurants and food court owners need to keep in mind how to open their cooking business while maintaining health protocols.

The ideas for outdoor dining in Jakarta are unique and interesting, from picnics in the park, back to nature, rooftops in the city, and really good Japanese ideas. Check out 15 outdoor restaurants in Jakarta with this unique concept!

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

Actually, it might look like a vacation, hahaha. Taking a picture of an infinity pool with lots of trees in the background is amazing, like Punchak or Bali. The pool has sun rooms for sun or evening pool parties. Expensive but worth it

Pilihan Tempat Makan Bersama Keluarga Di Jakarta, Nyaman!

The idea is a harvest picnic. Sitting outside with the idea that you want to sit, but don’t stay for too long. The place is not very big but very comfortable and makes you feel like home. The service here is very friendly.

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Being here is like being in a glass house. The exterior is cool and modern, with seating on the steps. The semi-open space is located in a beautiful green gazebo surrounded by plants, the atmosphere is like the middle of a garden.

I thought this style is not available in East Jakarta, but it is, haha. It’s a nice place, especially in the afternoon I feel at home. I ordered chicken wings and a latte. Eat when the sunset winds down, it’s delicious!

Because it is so spacious, this outdoor space can accommodate more than a hundred guests at a time. Beautifully arranged park benches in various shapes, structures like three-dimensional roof-like roofs provide an aesthetic effect.

Mang Engking Jakarta Utara

The atmosphere makes you feel at home, the staff is friendly and you feel really happy after eating here. Fix wants to come back! Although expensive, I think it’s really worth it. I appreciate it haha

With a unique and classy industrial design, @suasana.kopi is truly amazing. Moreover, it has a large space inside and outside, so it is perfect if you want to work, open your laptop, smoke and drink coffee.

The interior is truly homey, you feel like you’re in your own backyard. The decoration is beautiful. You can sit inside or outside, overlooking the garden and fountain.

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

It’s like joining someone’s garden…but when you enter, ahh, it’s really nice to see green everywhere.

Tempat Makan Lesehan Di Jakarta Konsep Pedesaan Harga Dijamin Murmer

The good thing about this joint is that it is not only for sale, but the food is delicious and the price is excellent. Yes, there is an outdoor area with a garden atmosphere perfect for those staying with friends or families.

It offers the beauty of the lake, restaurants and a beautiful atmosphere. In addition, it offers live fish. A perfect place to dine for family gatherings. If you want to come here on weekends, it is better to book in advance, especially if you want to book a lakeside hotel.

The rooftop name gives the restaurant a formal feel, and as soon as you enter, you will notice that the place is comfortable and casual, with indoor and outdoor seating, and even pets are welcome. There aren’t too many options listed here. Additional list of drinks

Bruno’s restaurant also has an open space and the atmosphere is really shady. suitable for small children.

The Garden, Cafe Kelapa Gading Yang Mewah!

@bruencoffeekitchen has 2 floors. The first floor is for a bar and indoor seating, the 2nd floor is the rooftop and is also available indoors (can be booked for certain meetings/events). The equipment here is also very complete, there is a prayer room, besides the sultan, it is also suitable for WFH.

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From the parking lot, visitors can immediately see the entire Raisa coffee shop. The open garden next to the main building seems to be a favorite place for those who want to relax in the fresh air and drink coffee.

This review is based on Cooking Friends ratings of the app and website. If you have any recommendations for eating out in Jakarta, come and share your experience!

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

Open-air places in Jakarta Open-air cafes in Jakarta Jakarta restaurants in Jakarta Open-air cafes Western food Indonesian coffee Jakarta food Enjoy cooking at your favorite place for those who want to spend the weekend with their family. You and your family can enjoy lunch or dinner at the restaurant with a nice view.

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta Selatan

Not only that, some restaurants offer delicious food and cozy places. For those living in Jabodetabek, here are family-friendly places to eat with fun and beautiful views.

As the name suggests, this kitchen has a natural wooden feel. This family-friendly dining area offers seating and deck covers overlooking the green courtyard. The menu offers a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes with a delicious taste.

This kitchen is surrounded by wonderful trees. The building style is unique with soothing colors. It is equipped with a fish pond which adds to the cool atmosphere.

Location: Jalan Gapura Menteng Number 99, Bintaro Section 5 Pondok Aren Pondok Aren, Pondok Ranji, Ciputat East District, Tangerang South City, Banten.

Rekomendasi Tempat Makan Keluarga Terbaik Di Jakarta

This dining room offers a sea view with a relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant is not only suitable for family dining, but also suitable for a romantic dinner with your partner.

For those who want to experience a cool atmosphere in the middle of the city, Plataran City Forest can be the right choice. This restaurant has an area

Wheel Forest has a typical Balinese atmosphere with fresh air. Moreover, surrounded by green trees, the air cools.

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Jakarta

If you want to eat with a clear view of the river, you can visit Cimory Riverside. This large kitchen has a very cool atmosphere.

Tempat Makan Keluarga Di Bsd, Menunya Menggugah Selera!

Tier Sierra & Lounge offers views of the green. This Highland kitchen has its own atmosphere

Bumi Sampirun is one of those places

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