Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

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Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung – BANDUNG began to be known as the capital of youth. There are many beautiful accommodations that will make you feel at home. Apart from that, Bandung is also famous for its remarkable innovations.

For those planning a visit to Bandung this weekend, your trip will not be complete without a visit to the restaurant. Bandung is famous for their delicious food and beautiful scenery. Here are 5 restaurants in Bandung that you can visit, collected by Okezone from various sources.

Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

The hotel is located in the middle of the green mountains and next to the lake. You can imagine how beautiful that scene was. What is different is that this hotel is designed like a cruise ship. If you want to go to Pinisi Hotel, come to Glamping Lakaside Rancabali, Ciwidey. Tickets here are only 20,000 IDR per person. If you want to enter the Pinisi Hotel you will be charged an extra IDR 10,000 per person.

Tempat Makan Nuansa Alam Di Bandung Yang Wajib Dikunjungi

To visit Cafe D’Pakar, the entrance is very narrow. Because the road into the forest and it rises really high. However, you will not regret visiting this hotel as the outdoor area is beautiful and comfortable which makes it perfect for those who like to take photos. However, if you want to sit outside this restaurant, you have to pay at least 25,000 IDR per person.

This restaurant is located in Jalan Punclut, Ciumbueuit. Here you can enjoy coffee with your relatives and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. In addition to the good atmosphere, the food here is also delicious, from light snacks to snacks that you can enjoy while relaxing.

Warung Daweung is located about 8 km above the mountains north of Bandung. This place is close to Bukit Moko or Puncak Bintang as it is better known. However, getting to Daweung’s shop was also difficult because of the music.

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Get the latest news from Okezone with just one account on ORION, register now by clicking here and waiting for more exciting surprises. Apart from being far away, Bandung offers many interesting places that you can visit.

Tempat Makan Di Purwokerto Dengan View Bagus Dan Enak

From luxurious restaurants to delicious food. Apart from the delicious food, the places in Bandung are famous for their beauty and amazing atmosphere. You can enjoy everything from coffee to heavy meals at Bandung. Not only that, these breezes can also be Instagram items to decorate your food!

If you are going on vacation or business trip to Bandung, you must try this place. Lawangwangi is a cafe in Dago, this place is perfect for meeting with your friends and for meetings. The atmosphere and views offered here are amazing, here you can see panoramic views of Bandung and the green grass and mountains.

Not only can you appreciate the beautiful scenery, the food here is delicious. Dishes to try are Lawang Wangi Chicken (59K) and Creamy Mushroom Pizza (59K). This chicken is known for its mild flavor and mild spice. The shape of the pyramid shaped rice will remind you of grape rice, there is only a little white rice in this menu.

Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

Otherwise, you should try the most popular drink here, Lychee Mint Fruity Beer (40K). If you come here at night, it is better to order Lavang Wangji (20K) which will give you a warm and spectacular view.

Tempat Nongkrong Di Bandung Malam Hari Dengan Suasana Beragam

The place also offers a variety of art and souvenirs that you can take home. If you come here there will be many photo booths where you can take photos and Instagram. It is a good idea to make a reservation before going here as there will be a lot of visitors and you may be out of place.

It is located in Karangsari, Bandung between Saka Bistro Bar and Vermont. La Costilla is a new venue in Bandung that is attracting a lot of attention. Apart from the room and the beautiful view, the food is also very delicious. The theme is modern western cuisine with a Spanish-Mexican touch that is still rare in Bandung.

Due to the uniqueness of this place, few visitors take photos. There are many places you can create for your Instagram or blog content. Design and white energy make this place a #ootd art field.

Horcata (28K), a drink featured in a Vampire Weekend song, is a blend of almonds, cinnamon, rice and vanilla ice cream. The flavor of this drink is cinnamon, which brings a Christmas atmosphere.

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Menikmati Pemandangan Alam Yang Indah Di 5 Restoran Di Lembang

This leap year (48K) is suitable for those who like salty foods. The taste and sound of “hit” from dried meat can be combined with any wine you choose. Grilled pork with mango salad and red Thai fish sauce provides a fresh and delicious taste per meal.

Entering the Grill section of the menu, Costillas de Res (98K) is one of La Costilla’s main dishes. Here’s a slow-cooked beef rib with homemade BBQ sauce. Serve with mashed potatoes, salad and wine sauce.

Maja, if you have ever heard of this restaurant, you know. This restaurant is located in Jl. Sergeant Bajuri Canal offers a beautiful view of the skyline of Bandung, a typical hotel in Bandung. The difference here is that you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Bandung with the sound of the wind to provide a time experience with friends, girlfriends or family.

Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

The dish you can enjoy here to accompany the cool Bandung atmosphere is Cream of Mushroom Soup (32K). The creamy texture is very thick and the mold in it will sweeten your taste. Otherwise, if you want to eat dessert, you can order Lava Cake, you can choose whether this dish is served hot or cold. The difference is that if you order hot, you will get a piece of cake with chocolate mix, but if you order cold, it will be served with a spoonful of ice cream.

Arjasari Rock Hills Tempat Wisata Yang Lagi Hits Di Bandung, Kamu Wajib Datang!

If you go to this restaurant, you will not be disappointed, not only the view and the weather are great, the waiters are also friendly. It is recommended for those who want to go to this restaurant early because the entrance of this restaurant is very dark, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Around Bandung, this place is considered a dangerous place and many people come here to enjoy the food served and the good atmosphere provided. Kalpa Tree House is located in Jl. Kiputih No. 37, Ciumbuleuit. Here you can find beautiful architecture and of course there are many places you can shoot for photos.

There are many dishes you can try here and the taste offered is very good. One of your favorite dishes you can order is Nasi Goreng Kalpa. Alternatively, you can order Apple Mocktail as a drink.

The hotel promises to make you feel at home, in addition to its beautiful architecture, the facilities provided are also good, the parking lot is a good place so you do not have to be afraid or confused. About parking your car. Car. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool if you want to swim with friends or family.

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Rumah Makan Di Bandung Dengan Panorama Super Keren

There is something unique and distinctive about this hotel. If you only see restaurants with great views or beautiful art installations. The hotel has a unique interior, here you can enjoy the decoration of trees and plants in every corner. White and white furniture is used together with small beautiful trees.

Menu to try Sydwic Kopsu. Your favorite Sidwick milk coffee. While enjoying signature coffee, you can order Fish Croquette of Reds Dipo (30K) as a side dish to accompany your coffee and have a pleasant conversation with friends.

This location is on Jl. Cilaki No.63, Cihapit, Bandung and it will be easy for you to find here. In addition to the unique interiors and furniture, the place is also comfortable with the air conditioning provided in the smoking area, so you do not have to be afraid of extreme heat if you sit near the smoking area.

Tempat Makan Suasana Alam Di Bandung

Newly opened in the Dago area, it offers comfortable accommodation. To be clear, you can find Pillow Talk Coffee & Comfy at Jalan Haji Hasan no. 12, Lebakgede, Coblong.

Nikmati Kuliner Dan Suasana Asyik Di Tempat Makan Terdekat Di Dago, Bandung

As the name suggests, this venue offers customers a comfortable and satisfying place with coffee and themes. You can find everything from prayer rooms, non-smoking areas to smoking areas. Proximity also recommends visiting relatives rather than cafes.

For menu options, you do not have to worry. You can find everything from snacks to heavy meals at Pillow Talk.

Oxtail soup (50k) can be your choice when you want a delicious meal. You can also ask for other foods such as rice, potatoes, eggs or sausages.

Hot meals such as toast, sandwiches, pancakes or breakfast they also serve are well received by customers. An English breakfast set (55k) is enough. There are toast, sausage, beans

Rekomendasi 5 Tempat Makan Siang Enak Di Bandung Yang Hits Dan Populer, Traveler Wajib Coba

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