Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

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Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja – , A trip to Yogyakarta does not seem complete without visiting the Statue of Jogja or the Statue of Pal Putih. Not only enjoying the beauty of the statue while chatting with your loved ones, but also taking a photo session right in front of the statue.

After you are tired of enjoying Tugu Jogja by calling mala, you can enjoy many tours nearby. While you fill your stomach, you can still gaze at the impressive beauty of Yogyakarta Monument.

Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

Enjoying the beautiful sky around Tugu Jogja is more fun with angkring menu in the form of cat rice, fried food and various satay menus. The full features of Yogyakarta, Tugu Jogja and this angkringan can be found at Angkringan Mas Bagong on Jalan. General Sudirman, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis. It’s not just ang kringan food, here you can taste joss coffee which is one of the typical dishes of Jogja. Angkringan Mas Bagong is open from 16.00 to 02.00 WIB.

Cara Naik Kereta Api Dari Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta Ke Jakarta Gambir

You can also chat while drinking a cup of coffee with snacks or instant noodles at OmMan Coffee & Milkshake. The beauty of the Yogyakarta Monument and the music of the street musicians can be heard more while relaxing at this cafe on the west side of the Yogyakarta Monument. This cafe, which serves a selection of coffee, tea and milkshakes, is open from 18.00 to 02.00 WIB.

The joy of enjoying local snacks in the beautiful Kebon Ndalem area is felt even more while viewing the Yogyakarta Monument at this restaurant. Kebon Ndalem is located at Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro No. 2, Gowongan, District. Jetis, Yogyakarta City. Although relatively new, this cafe, which closes at 01.00 WIB, is one of the must-visit lists.

Tugu Jogja will feel more romantic when you enjoy it in the corner at Honje restaurant. Eating at a restaurant in Jalan Mangkubumi No. 125 has different tastes, from local food to western. This restaurant is open until 23:00 WIB.

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With a total of 80 stores spread across Indonesia, RameNYA opens at Artha Gading Mall! Buy Buy 1 Find 1AKURAT.CO, Currently the hangouts in the city of Yogyakarta are becoming popular, one of the ways you can try is Loko Coffee Shop in the middle of Malioboro Street, near Tugu Walk. Pasar Kembang Station.

Tempat Nongkrong Asik Sekitar Kotabaru Dan Tugu Jogja

Loko Coffee Shop is a PT Reska Multi Usaha business as a subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).

There is something unique about Loko Coffee Shop compared to other Loko Cafe branches, that is, there is Indonesian coffee made by local baristas, which can be enjoyed directly by the guests in the cafe.

The interior of this cafe train is designed in such a way that passengers and passengers can relax while waiting for the departure of the train.

Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

Waiting is very boring, that’s why PT KAI has officially introduced Loko Cafe as one of their stores below.

Ini Rekomendasi 5 Tempat Ngopi Aesthetic Di Tugu Jogja

For those who don’t like coffee, don’t worry because there is a non-coffee menu to choose from such as juice, yogurt, chocolate, mojito and many others.

Do you want to lose weight? Yes, Loko Cafe offers a variety of Jogja food with delicious flavors that you will never forget.

In addition, the menu options range from Brongkos Koyor, Wedang Ronde, Gudeg Koyor and many others.

Visiting Loko Coffee Shop is more convenient because Loko Café offers full services like prayer rooms, live music. Wi-Fi, LED TV, parking space, separate toilet etc.

Tempat Nongkrong Dan Cafe Yang Instagramable Di Jogja

Now walking or traveling by train is more comfortable because of the existence of Loko Café Jogyakarta, waiting is also not boring because the atmosphere and atmosphere of this cafe is pleasant and pleasant.

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Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

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Tempat Wisata Jogja Di Dekat Malioboro Wajib Banget Kamu Kunjungi

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Tempat Nongkrong Asyik Untuk Menghabiskan Weekend Yogya

Watch the BTS Love Yourself World Tour on MOJI TV tonight! Don’t miss programming in New York and London. Of the many cafes in the Tugu area, here are five places that offer a modern and relaxed atmosphere. what’s going on

Located in the same location as Kotta Go Hotel, Pajama Cafe has a minimalist design and modern aesthetic that is comfortable enough to check in or work. There are many places you can use on Instagram to take selfies with your friends.

There is also free wifi here to support your activities while you are here. Whether you are working or relaxing, you can try a variety of delicious menus at Pajama Cafe from IDR 15 thousand-40 thousand. Opening hours are 06.00-22.00 WIB.

Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

Although it has a plain and simple decorative design, Monoch Cafe is very popular with young people. Besides its good location, the menu offered is also cheap compared to others.

Kopi Opak, Tempat Ngopi Terhits Di Yogyakarta

For coffee drinks and similar prices start from IDR 5 thousand to 25 thousand only. Food and snacks cost from 15 thousand to 35 thousand IDR. There’s fried rice, fried tempeh, toast and pizza. Opening hours are 17.00-00.00 WIB.

With its unique European decoration, Le Mindoni Kafe attracts the attention of many visitors. The instagrammable area is perfect as a fun photo spot and hangout spot. In addition to the beautiful location, the food offer is plentiful and varied.

Tugu Lor Cup is an outdoor restaurant located near Tugu. The atmosphere of this cafe is very cool because almost every area of ​​the cafe is full of plants and trees. This unique idea is very interesting for visitors. Many people make a cup of Tugu Lor their favorite coffee shop in Jakarta. If you want to stay inside, this cafe also offers a cozy place in one corner.

The offered menu includes coffee and non-coffee drinks, with a price of 18-33 thousand IDR. You can enjoy food and snacks from IDR 7 thousand-33 thousand. The opening hours are very long, from 10.00-00.00 WIB, you know.

Warung Wedangan Konde, Tempat Nongkrong Hemat Dekat Tugu Jogja

For those who love coffee and books, Blanco Coffee can be the perfect choice. Actually located near Tugu, this cafe is always busy with visitors, mainly run by students. In addition to being a place to rest or relax, this cafe is also suitable as a place to do errands.

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The atmosphere is as cool as your own home with rows of books to read here. Blanco Coffee also offers free wifi to all guests who come to order from the menu here. Open daily from 07.00-01.00 WIB, you can enjoy different types of coffee from IDR 22 thousand-30 thousand, while food is from IDR 18 thousand-32 thousand.

There are vintage, exotic and contemporary themes, the five cafes above are definitely suitable for people who are looking for a good place to relax or work near Tugu. What are you waiting for, go straight there, come on.

Tempat Ngopi Dekat Tugu Jogja

IDN Times Community is a media providing writing platform. All written works are the full responsibility of the author DISWAY – Tugu is one of the icons of the city of Yogyakarta. The monument is often used as a great meeting place before exploring the city. It not only serves as a guide, around the area of ​​Tugu Yogyakarta but also provides various restaurants near Tugu where there are good places to eat.

Sudah Tahu Belum? Ini Cerita Tentang Titik 0 Km Jogja

Another place you can visit is Cafe near Tugu. Near Tugu, there is a two-story eatery that is interesting to visit.

Apart from serving delicious dishes, the range of Cafes near Tugu also offers a different and beautiful atmosphere. Here are some tips:

If you are near Tugu, be sure to go to Cafe Haufi le Tugu at the Kebon Ndalem coffee and eatery and try their delicious Oreo cheesecake that goes well with a cappuccino coffee.

This unique combination will satisfy your taste buds. In addition, the cool atmosphere of this two-story cafe makes it a great place to relax. The various menu options will make you try different dishes.

Tempat Wisata Di Jogja Dekat Malioboro Yang Populer Dan Wajib Dikunjungi

The balcony area of ​​this cafe is very popular with customers, especially in the evening and at night. From here, you can enjoy coffee or other orders while enjoying the view of the Memorial and the sparkling lights of cars and buildings that decorate the night.

This small cafe near Tugu offers everyone a place full of books that you can borrow to read while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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